Joke’s on you, Gringos!


IT WAS OBVIOUS that Mexico was making little effort to keep illegals out of the United States, but who knew they were officially encouraging it? Not me.

According to a news story this week, Enrique Peña Nieto, the handsome president of Mexico, and Otto Pérez Molina, the president of Guatemala, held a news conference(!) to announce plans to make it even easier  for Central Americans to pass through Mexico on their trek to your town!

Special assistance and financial aid will be given to minors hunting a sweet life in “El Norte,” which is what we often call Gringolandia — where you rich Gringos live. This is a smart move on Mexico’s part because, compared to Central America, Mexico is a big step up and might be viewed as a final destination. Don’t want that.

So what do we do? We smooth the trail, give them some money and a train-roof ride to the Texas border.

Barry could quickly put a stop with the National Guard to the flood of illegals crossing the border. He has no problem doing other things unilaterally, but he ignores this invasion.

You elected yourself a real piece of work, amigos. Better bone up on your Spanish.

You’re gonna get a lot more multicultural.

* * * *

For more on the news conference, click here.

Heading to a barrio near you!

11 thoughts on “Joke’s on you, Gringos!

  1. It won’t be much longer before Central America learns the trick of the Mariel Boatlift. All you need is a gullible president (Jimmy/Barry) and a conduit (boats/Mexico). For those who don’t remember, the Mariel Boatlift was when Fidel cleaned out Cuban jails and insane asylums, rounded up other undesirables, put them on boats and pushed them off into the open arms of Jimmy Carter.

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    1. Carlos: Seems that they’ve already learned the lesson and are doing a variation on Castro’s idea. And, of course, it’s made much easier by another vacant noggin in the Oval Office.


  2. I am heartbroken over the lack of leadership in the White House. I also am dismayed by the hate from the right. What happened to the nation that had courtesy and decency? As far as the illegals, I am flummoxed. Obama is not telling them to flee north, nor is Mexico. Rather, it’s hunger, violence, and in some cases, rampant rumors spreading like wildfire that children can pass on without respect to the law. I am genuinely concerned that innocents will die at the border at the hands of US troops before this is over. That would be a shameless tragedy. Our leaders, or so-called leaders, are too busy sniping at each other rather than directing energy to working toward a peaceful solution.


    1. Ms. Teguz: Lack of leadership in the White House is the primary problem. Hate from the right? What do you expect conservatives to do? Say: “Boy, that chap is just not doing the bang-up job we were hoping for, is he?” And then go have another spot of tea?

      People are quite rightly outraged at this pathetic, disastrous administration. It’s nice to see that even lots of folks who voted for him are opening their eyes to reality. You are right that Barry is not saying outright for people to come on up, but he is pretty much doing it by his lack of action. He is sending a powerful message by ignoring the open border, definitely. And, sure, things in Central America, especially that miserable nation of Honduras where you live, are grim, but things are grim in many corners of the world. The U.S. cannot simply tell everyone: Come on in! It’s absolutely unrealistic.

      You seem to be blaming both parties for this. Surely, there is blame on both sides, but the No. 1 current cause of what’s going on is Barry. Where is the Bully Pulpit? Where is the Big Stick? He does nothing.


  3. The First Children’s Crusade was in 1212. The Second Children’s Crusade is happening in 2014. It is a mass exodus from the hellish poverty of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to make it to the promised land north of the U.S. border. It is nothing less than the cynical exploitation of malnourished children by wicked politicians with a political agenda under the guise of humanitarian relief. The poor children risk life and limb through the desert heat of summer and predatory coyotes to make it to the promised land. Upon arrival some children are taken to shelter on military bases. Others are put on buses and planes to be dumped in urban areas all over America. It is a crisis of unimaginable proportions for all Americans.

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    1. Andres, how thoughtful are your comments. A children’s crusade, indeed. I know of no one personally who has children leaving for the border or who have left. I think most are from the north coast of Honduras, where violence is worse, and crossing into at least Guatemala is at least a goal easily reached. I am aware of a friend’s husband who is on the way again to the US. He has been deported before. However, his last 2 years have been mostly fruitless in his attempt to support his small family. He cannot make enough here as a laborer to feed his family. I see his older daughter grow thinner every time we speak. She’s not eating everyday so the younger boy can eat daily. How can a man not do what he has to do so his children can live? At least he’s not joined a band of thieves in the city or lent his support to drug cartels in the north. Going back to children leaving, I know some of the very poor and isolated people are succumbing to rumors of wild hope that their children can easily walk to the US border and be received with open arms. No one will profit from this tragedy – neither North Americans or Central Americans. It’s a great tragedy.

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  4. I propose extending the train tracks up to the Canadian border. See what happens when thousands breach their border…somehow I doubt they would be dispersed into society and integrated into social systems. Cartels control the smuggling – drugs and humans, and the only effective deterrent against them is armed US military on the border. It will take a new president to do it, unfortunately.

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    1. Ms. de Bois: An excellent idea! It could be a tourist attraction, that train heading north with thousands of people atop and dangling off the sides, kind of like your everyday train from Calcutta to Bombay.

      However, Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada and a good conservative, would hardly roll over and sigh, à la Barry Obama. He would take intelligent action.

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