The summer scene

WE’RE WELL into summer, and every year or two I like to take a photo from the upstairs terraza to show changes in the Hacienda compound.* One shot, years back, showed a place in progress, rather bare.

But this is 2014’s scene, fully developed:


And looking down to the left. The nopal tree is at least 13 feet tall, and the bananas are even higher. On the far side of the ochre wall is the sex motel:


Now doing a full turn to the right, out toward the back. That angled tile roof behind the red wall is relatively new. That’s where I keep the lawn mower and garden gear:


Abel, the deadpan neighbor who cuts the grass every Saturday morning, had done just that about an hour before the photos were taken. I planted 95 percent of what you see with my own grubby fingers.

I like living here. You really can’t beat it.

* * * *

* Yes, compound. I like to think I’m kinda like the Kennedys. Or the Bushes of Kennebunkport.

16 thoughts on “The summer scene

  1. Very nice! Compound indeed…only thing lacking is a croquet set on the lawn and a 1934 Rolls-Royce Phaeton parked in the circular drive…

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    1. Charles: I bought a croquet set on eBay about eight or so years ago, shipped it to my mother’s place in Atlanta for picking up on one of our drives up there. It never arrived at my mother’s and I forgot I had bought it when I next made it up there. A year or more later, I remembered. I contacted the seller, saying I never received it, and a refund would be nice. Yeah, right, he said. End of deal.

      As for the Rolls, we would have to get rid of the Honda or the Nissan. I guess it would be the Honda since it’s older, but I’d need a mechanic on staff.

      By the way, that’s not a circular drive. It’s a circular sidewalk. My idea, as were almost all of them.


  2. Lucky guy that you have your own nopal plant. I have to buy them at the mercado. Make smoothies with them every day.


    1. The uphill side of the hill next to our house is a nopal jungle. I don’t dare go in there. I get my nopales in the mercado. But lately I haven’t been making jugo verde as the inventory of ingredients is too long a list. Besides, oranges for the juice are out of season.

      Don Cuevas


    1. David: We bought the vacant double lot in 2002, hired three talented guys and, with no blueprints, just outlines we made on graph paper, they worked every day except Sundays for nine months. And there it was. We moved in.


    1. Cat: Most of the upstairs terraza has no roof. A small part is under a tile roof, and that’s where the hammock hangs. The first few years here, I spent lots of time in that hammock, mostly reading. For some reason, I hardly ever swing in the hammock anymore. Dunno why. Habits change. The upstairs room abutting that terraza has lots of windows, and the view through those windows is excellent. One window sits directly behind my computer terminal. I’m often looking out that way. In the morning, as I read the news, I can see the sun come up. It’s very nice.


      1. Seeing the sun come up makes a lovely picture. I have only one, and it was in Mexico, from a terraza. And overlooking una laguna. A rare sight for me.

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