Night designs

 Night art

WHEN NATURE calls at 3 a.m. or so, I throw back the cotton sheet and woolen blanket. Yes, a blanket because, even in July, it’s cold here at night, so cold we keep the bedroom windows shut. Only the bathroom window, this small one you see, is kept open, a sort of air conditioner.

I stand and walk across the hall directly into the bathroom where I am treated to night designs. Whether the little window is open or closed, and sometimes it is shut due to the cold, the designs are there, waiting like on a gallery wall, backlit by the big light atop a pole on the other side of the street, far away.

Datura leaves.

So I sit. I sigh. I stand. I head back to the bedroom, giving one final glance at the night designs.

Night art — brought to me by serendipity.

2 thoughts on “Night designs

  1. I prefer calling the night air free air conditioning. It sure does beat the heat compared to Florida.


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