The Brown People’s Party

THIS IS A real hoot. A dangerous hoot, but a hoot nonetheless.

Here in Mexico we have who has become, like Harold Stassen decades ago in the United States, a perennial presidential candidate. He is Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador (AMLO), and he really, really wants to be president. He ran for the office in 2006, leading a left-wing group called The Coalition for the Well-Being of All.

He came close to winning, but it was no cigar. He promptly flew into a snit and had hundreds of his supporters disrupt major streets in downtown Mexico City for months. International watchdog organizations had declared the election fair and square, but Mexicans still don’t have much faith in the electoral process.

AMLO finally gave up the Mexico City street encampments and declared himself a parallel president, the legitimate president, and he spent the next six years in his delusional office, traveling the country.

The following presidential election came in 2012, and AMLO was waiting with another lefty political coalition, this one called The Progressive Movement. Again, he lost. Again, he cried fraud. He is a sore loser.

morenaOur Harold Stassen now has a new political party, and it goes by its acronym MORENA, which stands for something or other. What it stands for is irrelevant. What matters is the acronym, MORENA, which is a Spanish word that means brown woman.

Yes, AMLO now heads the Brown People’s Party, a blatant race play.

AMLO has brought racial politics out into the open. I am for the brown people, he is none-too-subtly saying, and since Mexico is about 90 percent brown, he has quite a voter base to manipulate. And if you think low-information voters are numerous in the United States, know that we beat that number by far.

The next presidential election here takes place in 2018. Let’s see how many of our brown-majority nation vote for the Brown People’s Party on its name alone. Quite a few, I imagine. And AMLO imagines the same.

Heaven help us.

8 thoughts on “The Brown People’s Party

  1. MORENA (complete with an AMLO tagline) has started painting political slogans on the sides of buildings in my little village. All of them dealing with how the corrupt Mexican government is giving away Mexican oil to foreigners. AMLO intends to ride that barrel of oil right into the National Palace.


  2. Recent polls have MORENA at around 7% of the national vote, so you are probably overestimating Mr. López’ electoral appeal. Given that his party is dividing the electorate identified with the left, and it lacks access to resources for patronage (in contrast to the PRD), I don’t see him going beyond 20% in the next presidential election. We’ll see.


    1. Rene: I do so pray that you are correct. We still have some years to go before the next presidential election, however. Perhaps one day, AMLO will vanish into the obscurity he so richly deserves. Thanks for the encouraging feedback.


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