Downside of diversity

Parched “civil-rights activists” stealing beer in Ferguson, Missouri.

EXCEPT WHEN left-wing schoolteachers* run amok in Oaxaca, we rarely see this type of thing in Mexico. I attribute this, in large part, due to our not being a multicultural society. We do not embrace diversity.

We are Mexicans and we are 90 percent brown, and it’s always been that way, and that’s how we like it. We  know that a nation is like a family, and a family consists of people who look alike, mostly think alike, share a common language and religion. That’s a family, señores, whether residing in a house or within national borders.

It’s why homes have walls and locks, and nations should too. Most do.

Show me a nation with lots of diversity and multiculturalism, and I will — with very few exceptions — show you a land where strife and bloodletting often reign. Diversity within a nation is a problem to be resolved as intelligently and as kindly as possible. Multiculturalism should never be encouraged and idolized.

The United States encourages it, worships it, and gets bloodied by it on a constant basis.

And it’s getting worse.

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* Left-wing teachers in Mexico is a redundancy. 

20 thoughts on “Downside of diversity

  1. Hola, señor,
    I wonder if it is not so much the much ballyhooed multiculturalism that causes so much strife in our country, or perhaps that we have embraced other cultures at the expense and to the detriment of our very own. After all, we did absorb and integrate numerous peoples from other countries for decades, over a century with nary a problem; Eastern European, Western European, Canadian, Asian… The list goes on. Yet, recently, the country’s elitist swing wide left has left the bread-and-butter Christian, white, Anglo-Saxon in the position of being in a constant state of genuflection and apology for historical wrongs.


    1. Mark: You make an argument often heard on the left. Yes, other cultures were assimilated in the past, but they wanted to be assimilated. Plus, most were from Europe. Asians in America have always kept themselves apart and their mouths shut. They just want to be left alone to make money and educate their kids. And they do, wonderfully.

      Assimilation was the goal before. Now “celebrating” differences is the goal, totally contrary, and it’s a goal pushed by collectivists. It’s part of the hippie, kumbaya mindset of the 1960s. Mix all that in with the false notion of constant victimization, etc., and you’ve got a real disaster on your hands. That’s what exists in America these days.


      1. Well, nothing wrong with celebrating other cultures. But again, it is being done to the detriment and derision of our founding culture, principles, etc. There are actually communities in heavily populated Muslim communities trying to apply principles of Shariah Law. Sheer lunacy!


        1. Mark: This entire “celebrating other cultures” nonsense applies, in the mind of almost everybody doing the “celebrating,” 99 percent to food and native attire. Real cultural differences are in the different attitudes. Most cultures hold to the notion that their way of seeing the world is the correct one, and that’s where the troubles begin.


  2. So Big Mike was stealing cigars. Did you know that it is a common practice among young black males to lace cigars with crack or marijuana. They call it a “blunt”.


  3. Mexico had a rigid racial caste system for centuries after the conquest, maintained by the ruling elite and the Spanish colonial government. The Mexican government still has a whiter shade of pale compared to the brown mestizo majority. There were never enough white women to go around and the poor didn’t care.


  4. Different segments of society view things differently. African-American society sees Big Mike as a child victim soon to be canonized. MSNBC and CNN promote this myth. The Democrats think they can use this issue to motivate African-Americans to vote.

    Well, African-Americans are about twelve per cent of the U.S. population. Even if they all vote, they will not offset all of the other peoples’ votes. Beyond the so-called black community, Big Mike was viewed as a thug and a cigar thief. I suspect the rest of the nation is just about sick of and appalled by by the rioting, looting and burning.

    They will turn out at the polls to express their feelings. The left has made a tactical error. The are so invested in the Angel Baby myth that they cannot fathom the real feelings of the nation. They are in for a real surprise. Now let’s see what happens if the police officer is not indicted.

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    1. Man, I do hope you write a lil piece about the bull manure. Scores of black youth killing each other each day/night, yet the left machine dwells on this murky situation between a thief-thug and a decorated cop. By the looks of lamestream media, you would think that chump was a model citizen and the cop a thug… Ugh…

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    2. Señor Gill: I dearly hope that November goes heavily for the Republicans. But after Barry was re-elected, I feel that anything can happen. Keep your fingers crossed.


      1. It is not that the Republicans are so good, but that the Democrats are so bad. The feelings of the nation are so divided now, God help us if the policeman is not indicted and convicted. One Watts riot was one riot too many for me.


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