Downside of diversity, Part II

AS PART OF The Unseen Moon’s occasional public service, and as a followup to yesterday’s post on the Downside of Diversity, here is an educational video by Chris Rock.

Yes, there is potty talk involved, and The Moon prefers to maintain its G rating at all times, but sometimes colorful speech is necessary to make a powerful point. If only Michael Brown had watched this video, and taken it to heart, perhaps he would not be lying dead on a cold marble slab today, or wherever he is.

We can easily connect Brown’s fatal encounter with the police to cultural differences. Brown’s culture was of the ghetto, a culture of constant, perceived victimization and, especially among the young, in-your-face defiance. The police officer’s culture of law, order and personal responsibility was another thing entirely.

This is dedicated to Swisher Sweets fans everywhere.

11 thoughts on “Downside of diversity, Part II

  1. As Voltaire once wrote, common sense is not so common. The advice on Chris Rock’s video could have save Michael Brown’s life.

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  2. Common sense in the ghetto? That’s why it’s the ghetto. Unfortunately, this is not an educational clip but a dark (npi) comedy.


  3. Chris Rock frequently reminds of Richard Pryor who was one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen. I can still remember seeing him do a bit about the Watts riots and the insanity of protesting by burning down your own neighborhood.


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