A silly rape story

A YOUNG WOMAN named Lena Dunham, who may be the silliest person in the collectivist neighborhood these days — and that’s saying a lot — is crying rape almost a decade after the event.

Lena has written a memoir, you see, in spite of being just 28 years old. Lena endlessly self-promotes and suffers delusions of importance, and now she’s a rape victim. The perpetrator was a Republican! … she says. He also was mustachioed, Lena reveals. A mustachioed Republican. What could be more repellent?

lenaThis likely is the first time ever than a rapist’s political leanings have entered the story told by an alleged victim. But since little is more important to a collectivist than politics, pants up or down, the revelation is understandable.

I found Lena’s story on my favorite news website, Breitbart. If you click on that link you can read some repugnant details that Lena’s memoir reveals, details I will not mention due to this being a G-rated website. Well, most of the time. These details have to do with fingers and peeing in parking lots. I do have standards.

Lena reveals that during this sex act she was drunk and high on Xanax and cocaine. Not only that, she was talking dirty to him “in an attempt to convince herself that she was giving consent.” Sure, that was it. I think she was talking dirty to him because she was stoned out of her mind and wanted to talk dirty.

Collectivists are fans of potty talk even on the nicest of days.

When Lena regained her wits the following day — you know, after the cocaine, Xanax and tequila had worn off — she did not consider herself as having been raped, she says. It was only when her roommate interpreted it as rape that she decided she had been raped, maybe.

She apparently brushed it off until years later when she was shooting the breeze with co-writers for some television show she apparently appears on. Her co-writers labeled it rape then too, not Lena.

But here in her memoirs, she includes the juicy incident. Makes herself a rape victim!

Which brings us to the point of this post: First off, I don’t think Lena was raped, but let’s assume she was for the sake of argument. “Without her consent,” which is not convincing in light of her revelation that she was dealing him some dirty talk during the encounter. Do me, big boy!  Likely far more colorful. Imagine.

It has long been feminist gospel that women can never, ever, in any way whatsoever, share the blame for being raped. This is nonsense. Each case is different. Sometimes they do not. Sometimes they do.

Let’s take a common example, one related to Lena’s yarn. If a freshman coed goes to a frat party, chugs booze till she’s cross-eyed and can’t stand up, and some guy slips off her knickers, the coed shares the blame.

If you disagree, then you will also disagree with these analogies:

1. Someone parks his Mercedes in a bad neighborhood and leaves the door unlocked and the keys in the ignition. The car is stolen.  Auto theft is illegal, but the Mercedes owner is partly to blame.

2. A foolish teenager accepts a dare to run across a busy freeway on a dark night. He is hit by a drunk driver and hospitalized. Though drunk driving is illegal, the teenager shares the blame for being hit.

Coeds who get drunk at frat parties share the blame for unpleasant consequences.

Lena Dunhams who imbibe booze, cocaine and Xanax also share the blame.

Especially when they talk dirty during the “crime.”

* * * *

(Note1: A couple of years ago I addressed this topic. Two or three readers hit the ceiling, saying they had been raped or someone they knew had been and that it was dreadful and in no way their fault. I do not dispute that in the slightest. Some rape victims, likely most, are not to blame. But some are, partially. In this instance, Lena shared the blame big-time. This is just more limelight for her. It got her on Howard Stern.)

(Note 2: Lena’s grandparents must be so proud of her and her memoirs.)

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  1. I was the ombudsman (family liaison) for a ship that was one of the first to have women crew members. For the most part, the women sailors thought that every man on the ship was fair game. This created many problems for the families ashore. They called it ” getting close” and it was usually with a senior petty officer who could make sure their workload was lighter than the men’s. Need a favor? Offer to trade for sex.

    If a male decided that an onboard affair was a bad idea after all and tried to break it off – he was accused of fraternization, bullying, using his authority to force a relationship. One way or the other, he was screwed. I told the Captain what was going on, onboard, behind closed doors, and he looked me in the eye and told me, “that is not happening on my ship” and accepted my resignation.

    Women know they have the upper hand. They know there is a difference between regret at having sex with the wrong person and rape. When you are raped, you call the police, you make a report, you give a description that usually does not include the rapist’s political affiliation. I often wonder how some drugged out, used-up-at-27 woman gets to a position where what she says matters to anyone – then I realize, she probably slept her way up the ladder.

    Okay, I think this will take at least some of the heat off of you.

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    1. Bonnie: Thanks for that interesting — and not surprising — feedback.

      One item: At the bottom of the Breitbart story about this silly young twit, the reporter mentions that Lena is “now a public advocate for reforming campus sexual consent laws.” When did universities begin passing laws? They don’t and can’t, of course. They just have school rules and regulations. There is lots of hubbub these days about how universities should respond to rapes, as if they have anything at all to do short of perhaps phoning the police. It’s a police matter. Or not, as the case may be.


  2. Some people never accept responsibility for their actions. They see themselves as victims.
    Now, if some football player beats down a woman, it is the NFL’s fault. But if a Chevrolet line worker beats a woman, and it occurs off the company property, GM has no say in the issue. In fact the union would not permit the company to take action.

    How did the NFL become responsible for the actions of its employees?


  3. This is just another symptom of the cultural disintegration of America, where everyone is divided by race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation and political correctness.

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