Guts gets styled

Guts goes metrosexual.
Guts goes metrosexual.

THE DOG NAMED Guts got himself a haircut, a bath and a tartan cloak. Following this transformation, it was revealed that Guts is a schnauzer. Who knew?

We first mentioned Guts here a few days ago, including a photo. Guts’ life has changed a lot in the past few days. First off, my sister-in-law decided to keep him, which delighted my nephew immensely, and how not? Who wouldn’t want to keep a dog who’s a gentleman, a scholar, a football player and — now — a metrosexual?

First, a local fellow who trains and grooms dogs was called, and Guts was carted off for an afternoon in what might be considered a dog spa. He came back transformed, a new man. Alas, his bath apparently took place with frigid water, and Guts came down with a cold the next day.

But it only lasted two days. Guts is sturdy. And it resulted in his receiving a tartan cloak because Gus was not accustomed to being bald on so much of his body. He was a hairy, street mutt.

I have learned more of Guts’ story: Over two years ago, a relative of an employee in my sister-in-law’s business received Guts as a gift. The gift was unwanted, so the recipient gave Guts to the employee. But it turned out that the employee’s young son is allergic to dogs.

So Guts was put out on the street in front of their house. He was still fed and watered out there, but he was not allowed into the house. Guts lived pretty much alone on the street for two years, though fed.

Somehow Guts ended up visiting my sister-in-law’s business downtown last week. He got along so well with everyone, the employee said: Keep Guts. And they did.

I’m no dog person, but Guts is incredibly amiable. Even my child bride, who refuses even to pick up a dog because it gives her the willies, is partial to Guts. Guts has winning ways.

And now he has a new home, a haircut, a bath, a tartan cloak for warmth, and soon he’ll be getting his shots. He also has a doghouse cut from a big cardboard box. It’s just inside the business, next to the human bathroom.

Good for Guts.

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  1. There is probably a low-cost spay/neuter offering by the local humane society. Don’t know what the organization’s name is and it’s mainly for street dogs but we’ve donated to it on our visits. I know Victoria at Casa Encantada is a member (?) and several of the gringo shop owners, too. It will make him a healthier feller in the long run if it hasn’t been done already. Keeps him out of fights.


  2. Glad to see that someone gave him some attention. His only mission in life is to be a companion to someone who is lucky enough to have a pet as long as the animal is not abused.

    A nice update to a already nice story. Hopefully, it will only get better.


        1. Ms. Shoes: This is quite true, but I won’t be taking him on long, manly walks. I don’t even take my nephew on long, manly walks. I restrict my walks to walks with my lovely wife. She does not poop in the street, by the way.


          1. I guess you’d roll your eyes at the numbers of people leash-walking their dog in the US and carrying small plastic bags for the courteous cleanups.


            1. Carole: Not having been in the U.S. since the last Bush administration, I imagine I would be surprised at lots of things. But folks were leash-walking their dogs even in the Bush years and before, so … no surprise. Same for the poop bags, which is where I would part company with the notion of dog ownership.

              Dogs on leashes are far less common here, and a dog owner picking up his charge’s excrement is something you pretty much never see at all. So … watch your step!


    1. Ray: We do indeed. And he does not run around in circles like a raving lunatic for no good reason whatsoever, plus he does not slobber, which is more than one can say for, you know, boxers.

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  3. My daughter recognized him as a Schnauzer from the first post. She said he had a Schnauzer face. These are two great posts. I am glad he has found a home, as so many do not in Mexico.


    1. Mike: Your daughter has a good eye. For the less perceptive of us, it’s amazing what a haircut can do. I too am glad he’s found a home because, as you note, many do not. Mexico often is not kind to animals.


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