Quite a lovely day

Friday, the 17th of October in the year of the Goddess 2014.
Friday, the 17th of October in the year of the Goddess 2014.

SITTING ON THE web chair Friday next to the glass-top table on the yard patio and under the big brown umbrella, I look over yonder, admiring this photo scene I’ve seen a gazillion times and that people who’ve visited here with any regularity have seen 563 times. No matter. I love it, and I’m a sharing sort of fellow.

At noon, the sky was mostly clear. It had not rained the past few days. Could the Mexican monsoon be over? Let us pray so, which is what I considered doing as I sat with my Kindle reading H.L. Mencken’s Newspaper Days, one of a recently issued Days trilogy. The other two books are Happy Days and Heathen Days.

I’ve never read a book by Mencken before, just the occasional quote. Here is one that I, of course, concur with:

“Whenever A annoys or injures B on the pretense of saving or improving X, A is a scoundrel.”

But that was yesterday. It broke my heart when late in the afternoon, the skies over the mountains blackened (no racial ill will intended), but it held off. No rain. And here this morning, Saturday, it is overcast but still dry.

However, there was a tropical storm out in the sea, and that could dump an arm of the Mexican monsoon on us today. Perhaps those black clouds last night were related. Looks marginally clear right now.

I think the Goddess controls the overall atmosphere and perhaps contracts out tropical storms to some other spirit. I hope she keeps the storm spirit under her thumb today. She can be stern when needed.

Speaking of the Goddess and the related Christian God, have you been following the hubbub in Houston where the lesbian mayor wishes to have final say over sermons in churches? She doesn’t want anybody disagreeing with gay marriage or, I suspect, anything related to the collectivist playbook.

They brook no disagreement. The First Amendment pains them.

The backlash has been fierce, and it appears she’s tucking her tail between sections of her ample hindquarters and heading behind the nearest Texas duck blind.

Are there any lesbian conservatives? There are conservative gay guys, but is there even one lesbian conservative? Probably the only person to come close would be Camille Paglia, but it’s dang difficult to pigeonhole her. She’s conservative only in some areas, depending on her mood when she wakes each morning.

Let’s hope it does not rain today, and the kids in the barrio can fly their homemade kites. I’ve seen quite a few this week. At the moment, one is hanging high and stranded in a tree across the street. It’s visible through the window over the monitor. Another crash-landed two days ago in our back patio. I would have liked to reunite it with its master, but no telling where he might be.

The local kids paste these things together and launch them with a line of sewing thread. It’s always sewing thread, which breaks very easily, of course, when it’s half-a-mile long.

If the rain stays at bay another day, we’ll see more kites flying. It’s not advisable to fly a kite in the rain because you might have a Benjamin Franklin moment, and that could get ugly.

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  1. I was listening to the satellite radio the other day, to this new story, which is dangerous simply because each time I listen to it, my blood pressure starts going up like that tea kettle that you see the jet of steam escaping and whistling.. I am afraid that this has to be the beginning of the final round of nails in the coffin so to speak, where the populous like lemmings, sheeple, whatever you want to call them, simply roll over and let some PC politician trash the Constitution.

    You hear stuff like that and say to yourself that it is impossible, doesn’t make any sense, but keep in mind that people living NOB have accepted that 2+2=7 or whatever they want it to be nowadays.

    Crapping savings like 60 is the new 40, just turn on the spigot of that tainted Kool-Aid faster with more people drinking it, especially since the Govmint tells them that it is free, and they will get more stuff if they keep wallowing in it.

    For some reason, either the lack of intelligence or simple stupidity (which is to be honored and rewarded today, so as not to offend anyone) people no longer stand up for what is right.

    Where are the women who get so riled up at the notion of no free birth control pills when it comes to the rights of Muslim women? Not a peep.

    Where are the outspoken Gay men that run around 98% naked in Pride parades, when it come to the slaughter of Gay men in Muslim countries, or the bashing and torture of the same in real forward countries like Russia?

    Where are the Jews that want everyone not to forget the Holocaust, but allow Christians and other religions to be silenced, like is being forced upon everyone and crammed down everyone’s throat in Texas?

    And where is the uproar from plain old simple families when mothers are being arrested for not standing 20 feet way from their 10-year-olds for allowing them to walk over to the neighborhood playground and play with their friends without adult supervision?

    And nobody care or says much about it.
    So that no one gets offended or have their feelings hurt.
    Thank you, Felipe, for your ever hopeful vigilance.

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  2. It has been raining here (Puerto Escondido — directly below you more or less) since 5 AM Friday morning. We had almost 7 inches of rain yesterday alone; and it is raining as we speak (10 AM Saturday). I suspect you will see some of this soon enough — it is a slow mover and showing no signs of a let-up from hitting land. Stay dry, amigo!


          1. You’re welcome — but we did not send you hail — we experienced that last May in Xalapa — our Jetta wears the badges (many dents actually) — hope your Honda et al are OK.


            1. Señor Calypso: The hail was trivial. Sometimes we get significant hail, but not today. I’ve never had hail damage a car in my life. Knock on wood. Rained like crazy though.


  3. It’s been lovely here in Boston, dry with temps in the 60s and lower 70s, about 15-20° warmer than normal. A little scary, but I’ll take it. The turning leaves, as always, are lovely.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the downside is that we have weeks and weeks of leaf-raking ahead of us.


    1. Kim: I just found your comment in the spam pile. Cannot imagine why. Well, I sent it on its proper journey. Pure luck. Sometimes weeks or months pass before I look in the spam pile.

      As for changing leaves, we get little of that here. A bit though.


        1. Kim: Not the first time for one of your comments. Don’t know why it does it. Be sure and let me know in the future if you leave a comment, and it vanishes, please.


          1. The thing is that as far as I could tell, it didn’t vanish. Weird. Oh well…I’m pretty verbose in my comments. Not the greatest tragedy if one should get swallowed up alive by Akismet.


  4. To understand Camille Paglia, read “The Closing of the American Mind” by Allan Bloom. I think it was written back in the late 1980s. Paglia was Bloom’s protégée at Yale. He had a profound influence on her thinking and though Bloom was considered a “conservative,” he rejected that. I think he was a true liberal, in the classic sense of the word. (If I had the book here in Mexico, I would send it to you, Alas, it is in a box in an Illinois storage unit).

    True liberals are not afraid of ideas, even those with which they do not agree. That is why sometimes Paglia seems to be conservative, sometimes wacky-liberal. Paglia’s training is in the humanities, she is classically educated and applies her understanding of history, art, literature and music when interpreting the issues of our time. In other words, she has a big picture view of the world, not the narrow, parochial, PC-restricted view of most in the media.

    Bloom was a homosexual who died of AIDS. He was mentored by Leo Strauss. When you know more about Bloom you can understand Paglia, even her homosexuality seems to be both an imitation of her mentor, and an example to the world of her capacity for higher order thinking (there is a trend in academia where alternative lifestyles are seen as more purely intellectual- especially among women). Paglia used to confuse me too, until I read that she was mentored by Bloom, then it all became clear.


    1. Bonnie: I read that book long ago, but I recall little of it now. I realize that calling Paglia a conservative is a stretch. She simply opposes much of the now-long-running PC nonsense. She is very smart. You are quite correct that true liberals differ greatly from the folks who now sport that tainted label. Real liberals believe in freedom of speech and religion. New liberals heartily oppose them. I was amused recently when I watched Bill Maher go after the Mohammedans (bless his occasionally correct soul). He cited “liberal principles” like freedom of speech, etc. I thought to myself, yeah, right, go to an Ivy League university these days and see how those liberals in the faculty and student body embrace the First Amendment. They are thugs.

      Either I have not been paying attention to Paglia in recent years, or she’s minding her own business more than she once did. She is a real piece of work, as they say, and mostly it’s good. Not always, but mostly. If memory serves, I believe she calls herself bisexual.


      1. I get the feeling that some expatriates remember the country as it was when they left it, be it 1962, 1973, 1984 or whenever they stepped out of it. They miss out on the current vibes and fears of the nation. Now, nobody seems to want to get married but gay people. The state of Arizona just caved on the issue. Things are changing. But gay marriage will also bring gay divorce, and I suspect that will be just as bitter are straight divorce.
        Most people don’t give a dooley who people sleep with as long as it isn’t them. But they just don’t want to see gay marriage in their churches and temples.
        Voicing concern will get you in trouble. You must follow the party line, be it gay marriage, Ebola control or unrestrained government spending. Doubting the wisdom of the powers that be will expose you to charges of racism, sexism and a whole bunch of other isms.
        But eventually, that diminishes the value of the charge. Okay, so I am a racist, a sexist and any other thing they want to call me. Who cares?


        1. Señor Gill: I haven’t been above the border since the Bush administration. Things got much worse, I think, after Barry got into office. Many of the bad cultural traits then had blessings direct from the Oval Office, and they multiplied. If I never set foot in the U.S. again, I could be quite satisfied. My wife really wants to return due to shopping and restaurants. She knows nothing of those other problems and issues.

          Gay divorce will be as bad as straight divorces? You betcha. Possibly worse. I have no problem with civil unions for gays. I do think they should keep the marriage word out of it altogether, however, and keep it out of churches.


  5. Yes, the Democrats have embraced so many kooks of disparate nature. They exist with a coalition of the weird and the strange. They have abandoned the working class. Notice that they never use the term “working class” but prefer to call people “middle class” ?
    The mention of work offends their constituency. Society is divided into those that work and produce and those that exist on social welfare programs. This cannot last. Something is going to give.

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