The lady warriors

THE AMERICAN elites’ politically correct obsession with putting women into military infantry and other front-line combat positions soldiers on.

Because women can do anything a man can do. There is absolutely no difference, aside from plumbing and what dangles where, between the capabilities and talents of the two. It’s about fairness, you know.

Arrant nonsense, of course.


It appears that President Barry is poised to order women into direct-combat positions by January 2016. A military that does this has a death wish, no matter how much you gussy up the gals in camo.

Women do have a long history with fighting forces. Camp prostitutes, of course, and in certain periods of European history — when wars were a more gentlemanly affair than they are today — many soldiers brought their wives along on campaigns to sew and cook and love.

The ladies got to watch battles from a nearby hill, but no safe hills exist these days.

And the great American experiment that began in 1776 continues its disintegration into nuttiness, mostly brought to you by clueless, dreamy-eyed collectivists.

These notions invariably spring from the NDP, not Republicans. Keep that in mind the next time you’re inclined to say the two parties are the same, so why bother to vote?

We are engaged in a religious war with Mohammedans. The Mohammedans do not bring women to their battles, and Mohammedans react nastily when they encounter women opposing them.

You’ll end up with sand between your butt cheeks as a camp prostitute for the other side. It won’t resemble what you were led to expect during “empowering” Women’s Studies at Bryn Mawr. Not by a long shot.

15 thoughts on “The lady warriors

  1. Women should stop signing themselves up to join the military and maybe this won’t happen. Young men should stop signing themselves up to join the military and maybe they’ll live to see another day. Unless the draft comes up again, men and women needn’t seek this death wish…but some people like to play with guns and feel they’re serving their country…the one that’s in this for the oil and $$.


    1. Angeline: Oil is a legit reason to wage war due to its being a basic building block of the world economy.

      I agree that women should quit enlisting in today’s U.S. military because God knows where they will get assigned due to the PC nonsense. There are loads of good positions for women in the military, primarily where brains more than brawn are required. But women have no business hooking up a bayonet and charging a Mohammedan. Leave that to the guys.

      I was amused at an element in the linked news story in which it reported that many women said they “would not” accept direct combat assignments, as if you get to pick and choose.


  2. A woman can get pregnant and thus avoid having to accept a combat assignment, so they actually do have a choice. Certainly it is a choice that a man does not have. It happens all the time on ships with women crew members. Get pregnant, wait until you are transferred to a safe, home-every-night, duty and then abort, The U.S. Navy even pays for the abortion. It is the dirty little secret among those who support stationing women in all areas of the military, including aboard submarines. Asking about how many pregnancies and abortions among women in the military is akin to denying global warming in liberal circles.

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  3. Troops are not managed; they are led. Men will do things that a woman will not do. Tell a man to take a satchel charge and shove it into a bunker, and they will do it. A woman will say “Hell no, make one of those guys do it. I don’t want to get hurt.” And then she will tell you that you are a sexist and probably a racist. Then you get sued and sent to classes.

    This will not end well.

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    1. Señor Gill: The worst punishment of all is being sent to classes. Somehow I made it out of the work world without once being sent to a class. How I dodged that is a miracle. The classes…ouch!


  4. I know little of the military. I do know having women in the infantry is an insipid idea. Better to use them as the Israelis do in the Mossad. I would think.


  5. You are dead right about the strangulation of the American experience at the hands of Progressives/Collectivists. I view them as a bad skin rash that spreads quickly and is not cured by corticosteroids or peniciilin.


  6. The military is not like a political sinecure. The people involved must be ready to take lives and have their lives taken. I am afraid the ladies will not help the situation. They will fold like a house of cards.

    During the problem at Chernobyl, the male operators stayed to handle the situation. The females all left to pick up kids at day care. Save a kid or save a nation?

    As to the question of gays in the military, when I was in the service there were gay people serving. Their presence was ignored as long as they didn’t cause a problem. They kept their business to themselves. We all knew who they were, and there was no problem.

    Transforming the military into a leftist social club is a plan for disaster. Reducing the size of our military to save money to pay for food stamps is dead wrong.


    1. Señor Gill: You bring back memories. I too was in the military, the Air Force, stationed in central California mostly, 100 years ago. And we also had gay guys, and the situation was exactly as you describe. It was a non-issue. Nobody made a federal case out of it, one way or the other.


  7. I was in the Air Force from 1962 to 1966. I spent three years at Truax Field, Wisconsin. I worked part time at the Memorial Union at the University of Wisconsin. I had a great time.
    Then I went to Viet Nam. When my enlistment was ending, I looked at the order of battle, and I realized we were surrounded. I am not a coward, but then again, I am not stupid. I didn’t re-enlist.


    1. Señor Gill: I also joined the Air Force in 1962. Perhaps we passed one another on the sidewalk at Lackland. I spent most of my questionable Air Force career in California. The notion of re-enlisting never entered my mind.


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