The gay mafia

LEFT-WING television pundit Bill Maher has criticized what he dubs the “gay mafia.”

He was, of course, referring to those who “take offense” at most anything while crouching behind the protective walls of their constant-victim status. Staying with the mafia theme a moment, there is also, of course, a black mafia, a Latino mafia, a feminist mafia and some lesser-known mafias too. All suffer mightily.

Fear them because you could lose your livelihood with an unwise word.

There is also a white mafia. It’s called the Ku Klux Klan, but nobody pays them much attention anymore because of white privilege. You can say whatever you want about them.

543446fed35b7fd43d433af0c2faa1adAnd there’s always the real Mafia, the greasy-coifed guys called Big Palooka and Little Jimmy. That was the mafia you wanted to steer clear of — back in the old days — before collectivists and their shrill political-correctness malarky greatly expanded the pool of mafias and their tactics.

So what floats this topic to the top of the pool today? An incident at a military, full-dress, formal ball in New York in which a couple of lesbian Army officers decided it would be great to French-kiss and play grab-ass and then get “offended” when someone asked them to knock it off. Details are here.

The officer who intervened, due to people taking photos and videos he rightly worried might end up on Facebook and Twitter, is now on the verge of being booted out of the military for insensitivity. Yes, him, not the lesbian smootchers and grab-assers at a formal military ball. They remain off limits, touched by God and holy.

He is a lieutenant colonel and decorated combat pilot. But those qualifications count for naught up against “offended” lesbians. This is the American world in which you live. Weep.

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(Note: This viciously run, unjust, new world is brought to you exclusively by those who favor the NDP — the New Democratic Party. Ironically, Maher, who seems to be growing a bit brighter with age, this week blamed the recent NDP drubbing in the midterms in part on the NDP’s getting “lost in the weeds of political correctness.”)

16 thoughts on “The gay mafia

  1. Sexual Disorientation Syndrome, aka homosexuality, like Down’s Syndrome, is a biological disorder. It is a chromosomal dysfunction and hard-wired. It is neither a lifestyle nor a choice. But like any disease it should not be held against the person who has it. Nonetheless, what SDS victims do in private has been considered disgusting for over 5,000 years. But in private, it is a private matter. A prelude to such conduct in public would no longer be private, and therefore would be offensive. What took place is a formal military setting was not just an inappropriate display of affection, it was offensive public sexual FOREPLAY. This situation is just another dumb-ass capitulation to stupidity.


    1. Carlos: What people — gay or otherwise — do with each other in private concerns me not one nanosecond. I sincerely do not care. Same sex, relatives, golden retrievers, inflatable dolls, I just do not care at all. And I do not believe it is a choice. Well, where gay folks are concerned, that is. Relatives, golden retrievers and inflatable dolls are another matter, but I still don’t care.

      The issue of the Gay Mafia and the other mafias that “victim” groups have formed is another matter altogether, a dark hole in the culture. The oppression of speech is a very serious and growing concern.


      1. The evidence indicated that the conduct in question amounted to public sexual foreplay at a formal military function. The reprimand was because of that, not because it was between lesbians. But, of course the Lesbian Mafia (stick together alleged victims or collectives) claimed it was insensitive to their protected group. The worst thing was that the brass (Gen. Milley) turned pussywhipped.


    2. Hi Carlos. Thought it worth mentioning that, in 2014, no reputable, peer-reviewed scientist or doctor agrees that homosexuality is a biological disorder. It is untruthful to suggest that science is on your side.


  2. I studied history in college. The next thing that happens is that the barbarian hordes invade and take over everything, and the citizenry does nothing to stop them, because there is nothing about the country worth saving. There is no new thing under the sun, said King Solomon, but it did seem to happen to us pretty fast, however. We are actually dying along with the rest of western civilization and this started at the turn of the 20th century. (Remember the fin de siecle?) I recommend Jacque Barzun, a great historian, “From Dawn to Decadence.” The best thing to do is stop reading the news from the USA — it is only going to get worse.


    1. Bonnie: I too majored in history. Small world. However, I put the beginning of the end later, particularly the 1960s.

      I started Barzun’s book years ago, but never finished it. I don’t recall why. As for not reading news from the U.S., perhaps I would feel better somehow, but I would write stuff on this website far less often, I imagine. And as for its getting worse in the U.S., I heartily agree.

      While we’re recommending books, here’s my recommendation, which I found mightily interesting. Just finished it: Government’s End by Jon Rauch.


      1. Well, I agree – the watershed year was 1968. But, that is when the steep decline began, but if you recall the writers of the early 20th century ( Aldous Huxley, C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, Orwell, even historians Spengler and Toynbee) the spirit of dysfunction and decline was already in the air. My daughter is coming for the holidays and she always brings books, I will ask her to get the book you recommended for my Christmas gift. I graduated from University of Missouri, but got the best classical history education at a small college in Georgia. How I used to love the south.


    2. PS: As for not reading news from the U.S., which would mean less on its demise here, that brings to mind one reason I do this. From Dylan Thomas:

      “Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

      Dylan was referring to old age, and I qualify, but one might also use the sentiment in the context of the dying of a once-great nation.


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