2-fer sunrises


JUST MINUTES after posting yesterday’s praise of oxygen and stars, roundabouts 7 a.m., I looked out the window behind the computer screen and saw this, so I snapped a photo.

I think it’s the first sunrise (or sunset) shot to appear here in years. Normally, I leave such fluff to other folks who live in Mexico — sunrises and beaches and margaritas and parades and crocodiles and “such nice people.”

What’s notable about this photo — to me at least, not you — is that the sun is clearly moving into the Southern Hemisphere, setting us up for winter. That is not the mountain the sun prefers for rising in June.

The best month of the year, November, is winding down, and December lurks around the corner. December is unpredictable. It can be like lovely November, but it can also be early winter. You never know.

A visitor to the mountaintop from South Dakota asked me recently if it freezes here in winter. The answer is yes, but not every year. Most years it does, but only overnight. By afternoon, it’s in the 70s.

Generally, it’s a real swell place to live.

New Image

So you get your Moon money’s worth, here’s the last sunrise photo from years ago.


And to illustrate Hacienda life on winter mornings, here I am in the kitchen in some far January or February, trying to defrost myself with a hot cafecito while facing a sun-lit window. My wife knitted that wool scarf.

14 thoughts on “2-fer sunrises

  1. For me, slipping into winter is the time of year when the fans stop running at night. It is 72 degrees here this morning. No scarf required. I am eating breakfast (eggs scrambled with onion, ham, and jalapeño) beside the pool while I catch up with the nonsense the rest of the world has been up to during the past 24 hours. We do have it good. Old age or not.


  2. Has to be my favorite time of the day, but unfortunately the way the mountain is situated on our property I cannot see the sunrise until several hours after it peeks its way past the 100+ ft. tall trees. The sunset, on the other hand, I can see, but don’t enjoy it because it signals the end of another grain of sand which I will never recover.


    1. We were lucky; we lived in such good times. But it will be “game over” pretty soon.

      Like Superman, we stood for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” We were Americans and proud of it. We had it good.

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        1. It brings back memories. I think I saw a 1958 Cadillac there briefly. About that time there were gas wars. I remember seeing gasoline for nineteen cents a gallon. The service station would fill the tank, wash the windows and check the tires and oil for you. Then they gave away drinking glasses and a raffle ticket for a new Cadillac. They had the raffle every month. My mother would pray and pray to win the darn thing. Us kids would pray she wouldn’t.



          1. Señor Gill: Now why on earth would you not want your mama to win that Cadillac?

            By the way, I shortened that mile-long URL to something manageable. You might want to look into a URL shortener (is that a word?). There are plenty available, easy to use … and free.


      1. Am I the only one to have noticed just how smoggy it was in that video? When I lived in LA in the early 90’s, it wasn’t nearly that smoggy. Also (and not to be a total wet blanket), I’ll bet not one in ten of those cars even had safety belts, never mind more advanced safety features.

        Sure, there were “good, old days,” but I think the present is pretty fantastic too. Better, even.


        Kim G


        1. Kim: I looked at the video again, and you are right. It does look very smoggy. I don’t recall when LA’s famous smog began. Maybe it was just a problem with the old video, or a combination of both. Five years later, I was stationed in central California in the Air Force. As for seat belts and more advanced safety features, of course they did not have much of that. It was a different world. I remember it, and I liked it. You, me laddie, are too young. As for the Good Old Days versus today, there were pluses and minuses to them both. Technology is better today. Society was better back then. That’s how I see it.


  3. I have a really hard time getting up in the mornings, especially when it’s cool. We’d have to go to some parking lot around here, anyway, to have a panoramic view 🙂


    1. Carole: The Goddess sometimes is not just. I only have to look out the window over my computer screen or, for an even better vista, walk out onto the upstairs terraza. It’s spectacular on clear mornings, which is what we have every day for seven months and often the other five to boot.


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