Storefront update

After one week.
After one week.

ONE WEEK down, and how many more to go?

Progress has been spectacular on the storefront construction. Below, you see how it started and, above, you see how it sits this morning. The section that juts out from beneath the roof will be the small lavatory.

The "Before" shot.
The “Before” shot.

We had 10 big glass bricks left over from a Hacienda alteration a decade ago, so we included them in the storefront walls. It gives a touch of architectural interest, plus it will add natural light to the interior.

Snazzy, ceramic floor tile will be installed. Thirty-five square meters should arrive later this week from Guadalajara. That and the john and sink for the bathroom. I’m looking forward to seeing the septic tank dug. It will be lined with brick and will be old-school, I imagine.

The roof is traditional clay tiles and nothing more. The tiles sit atop wood beams. The workmen will remove those tiles and add a layer of wooden boards atop the beams. Then the tiles will be replaced above the boards. That work will simply make the ceiling more substantial. A mostly daily photo update can be found here.

The workmen — two principals, a painter and a helper — arrive every day at 8 a.m. They work 10 hours Monday through Friday and six hours on Saturday. This is typical. The painter is doing work on the Hacienda that is unrelated to the storefront. Stay tuned. More updates en route. Related post here.

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  1. It will be a big letdown to finish this storefront, and then have it sit empty. Seriously. You will next need to develop some kind of thriving enterprise.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where it’d be nice to have someplace nearby to buy red vermouth from time to time.


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