Mexican palette


SWEEPING THE Garden Patio at the back of the property yesterday, I noticed this combination of colors.

You don’t get this type of view often above the Rio Bravo. It just wouldn’t look right, so people rarely do it. But this is very Mexican. You’ve got your strong contrasts of yellow, green, red and the clear blue sky. You’ve also got your water tank up there, something that’s usually black.

There’s the white tank of the solar water heater too, a gizmo that heats water sometimes, and sometimes not. It disappoints me. The yellow building is the sex motel next door. Only at its rear is there a third story that houses the laundry, a room with washers but no dryers. There are clotheslines in there!

Since the sex motel has only eight rooms, and it doesn’t stay real busy, that works out for them.

Lots of color pleases me. And living here is an endless delight.

10 thoughts on “Mexican palette

  1. I don’t get it. Why would your hot water tank be white, if it’s meant to be solar? I would think that would be the black one, and your regular tinaco would be white.


    1. Bliss: The solar setup comes in two sections. One is the panel, which can be seen just a very tiny bit below the white tank. The other is the white tank that holds the water that the solar panel heats. The black one is just a standard tinaco. There are two ways to use the solar-heated water. You can have it sent directly into the house or you can have it sent to the water heater, which is downstairs. Ours does not work well enough to be used directly as a hot-water source, so we have it channeled down to the water heater. This, in theory at least, reduces gas needed to heat the water. There is a valve on the white tank, making it possible to test the water. It’s often tepid, but sometimes it’s hot. The former is more common than the latter. I am not happy with it. I have complained to the store where I bought it a couple of times. They have contacted Rotoplas. In typical Mexican fashion, nothing happens. I have given up on it.


  2. I have a solar water heater, as you know. But it is passive. The water heats in large metal tubes that look like the exhaust system off of a P-40. It is then stored in a large shiny tank. When the sun is out, I suspect it looks like the second coming from the air. The down side is that it produces scalding hot water at the height of the summer — when it is not needed — and tepid water when our temperatures dip in the winter — when a nice hot shower would be a pleasant luxury. Even so, it is my nod to greenness.


  3. Señor Cotton: As I understand it, they should not deliver tepid water in any season. I think you have a defective set-up, but less so than mine. At least you get hot water in the summer. Bliss’s comment above has inspired me. I went to the roof and, yet again, the water from the solar tank is tepid. I got out the receipt, and we’re headed to the hardware store where I bought it four years ago and complain far more strenuously than before. It has a 10-year guarantee.


  4. Yes, organized neighborhood orgs would freak out if exterior paints were not natural looking, as in earth colors of the brownish, tannish, offwhiteish tones. I do have to say our neighbors have gone all out for Christmas decorations this year. Inflatables of the storybook themes.


    1. Carole: I sure hope the neighbors are shunning all hint of Christian themes. Wouldn’t want that. I recently saw this, paraphrased:

      Christmas party changed to Holiday party to not offend those who don’t celebrate Christ. Then Holiday party was changed to just Party to not offend those who celebrate nothing.


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