Multicultural mayhem

Don't shoot!I AM NO FAN of multiculturalism and diversity. It’s a dreadful thing to encourage. If it happens, it’s to be considered a problem to be handled as intelligently and kindly as possible.

Slavery in the United States ended 1.5 centuries ago, but the blowback continues in that America is now multicultural as far as blacks and whites are concerned. The two-race nation has been a problem since slave days. First, it was one sort of problem, primarily for blacks. Now, it’s a larger problem that affects everybody.

A multicultural society will always be a problem. It will always give you grief.

Right now the PC people are having hissy fits about failure to indict that unfortunate policeman, all of which is centered on race. The PC people (Barry’s fans) say it’s so unjust, and cops are so bad.

Here are the facts:

Of all police arrests, no matter the race, 99.9 percent do not end in a fatality.

In the past half century, the rate of blacks killed by cops has plummeted 79 percent.

There are 43 million blacks in the United States. In 2012 (latest stats), 123 were killed by police. Also in 2012, 326 whites were shot to death by police. In 2013, blacks committed 5,375 murders. Whites committed 4,396. Whites are 63 percent of the population, and blacks are just 13 percent.

In 90 percent of those black murders, the dead person is another black or the offender himself.

So, clearly, the problem is not cops killing “innocent” blacks. The problem is the black underclass, the collapse of the black family (which was far more stable a century ago; did you know that?),  the sky-high illegitimacy rate of blacks, and hand-wringing of guilt-ridden white collectivists and its far-reaching cultural effects.

But the root problem is multiculturalism. Different races, religions, languages do not live comfortably together, especially when one group has the upper hand, as will almost always be the case. Monocultural societies are far more peaceful. Mexico, Kenya, Ecuador, Sweden, etc., rarely have racial conflicts.

Neither do Japan, China, Poland, Russia, Chile and so on. Those nations do not actively embrace the 1960s, Kumbaya, hippie notion that people with stark differences can live under the same roof in peace.

They neither “celebrate diversity” nor “embrace multiculturalism.”

They embrace their unique national characters instead.

When such conflicts erupt in Africa, they are tribal,  not racial, issues, beautifully illustrating my point. It’s not always about race. It can be about culture, religion, tribes. Multiculturalism leads to trouble. Encouraging multiculturalism leads to worse trouble. Yet America, including the White House, continues to do it, big-time.

Expect more violence.

And more silly theatrics by ignorant football players as Al Sharpton grows richer by the day.

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    1. Christine: I hear you humming Kumbaya. As for my not even living there — thank the Goddess — the fact remains that what happens in the United States affects the whole world.


  1. It seems as if CNN is bound and determined to start a race war. That can’t be good for anyone. Add to their constant agitation, the Judas Goat reverends are there to keep the people angry. The African-Americans that had their businesses burned in Ferguson some how see white America as somehow responsible.

    Some people in our society need to get real. They need to accept that their behavior is the cause of their problems. Black thugs do no good for anyone. Children need to be raised by parents that inculcate in their children respect for others, respect for property and respect for law.

    In our nation, there are two thoughts of how wealth is gained. One is that people work, save, invest, educate their young and support society. The other is that wealth is gained by taking it away from others. Those who have, must be punished.

    Black America has been exploited by one political party since the Great Depression. Peeling the scab off of racial relations has been their bread and butter for years.

    For me, one Watts riot was one riot too many.

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    1. Señor Gill: I was looking at a CNN story online yesterday about the Ferguson thing. Their photo of Michael Brown was one taken when he was about 12 or 13, looking real cute. They also mentioned that he was just a couple of days short of starting college. Sniff. The photo routine was just like the photos of Trayvon Martin when he was a sweet 10-year-old.

      Now you stop it with the African-American thing! Do you refer to yourself as a European-American? The entire hyphenated-American habit is not good. Sin no more.


  2. The term “Black Friday” took on a new meaning this year, when black rioters looted stores all over America for some free Christmas shopping.


  3. And now the reverends are calling for “action” at the Christmas tree lighting in New York City. Let’s see how the New York City Police handle it. Mayor de Blasio is a liberal married to a woman of color. Now how will this turn out?


  4. So what’s your proposed “solution” to multiculturalism? What do you do about a society like America’s that already has a lot of people from different races and cultures? I’m not sure I buy your totally unsupported assertion that …the root problem is multiculturalism. Different races, religions, languages do not live comfortably together, especially when one group has the upper hand, as will almost always be the case. Monocultural societies are far more peaceful. Mexico, Kenya, Ecuador, Sweden, etc., rarely have racial conflicts.

    But let’s assume that you are correct. What would you do about it? How would it be superior to what we are doing now, which is trying to respect everyone and all get along? And does your solution have any empirical evidence to support the idea that it would work?

    By the way, there certainly are racial tensions in Mexico, of which you are well aware, but chose to ignore in your writings. Darker Mexicans are treated like second-class citizens, and there are a ton of snarky words to describe them. And even if you believe there’s no racial tension in Mexico, it has its own darker side, as we were all reminded in September.


    Kim G


    1. Kim: My contention is a simple one. Multiculturalism should not be encouraged. Multicultural societies are usually in much conflict. Where it exists, it should be dealt with in as kind and logical a manner as possible. It should not be put on a pedestal and bowed to, worshiped, as is done in the U.S. now. That only worsens the situation.

      Yes, in Mexico darker folks are often at a disadvantage, and lighter folks have an advantage. But we have none of the extreme strife that grows worse daily in the U.S. Not by a long shot. We do not worship diversity here.


    2. We grew up in an age of innocence before multiculturalism, political correctness, liberation theology and feminism. It will never be the same again. The United States we once knew is history. Today, everybody is angry and intolerant under the guise of being tolerant. It is all destructive BS.

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      1. Andrés: Destructive is the key word. My take on the American population now is that most is spoiled rotten. It will not end well. Many nations have their time in the sun. And then the sun sets … and rises elsewhere on the globe.


  5. I don’t think it is as big a problem as some people think. Singapore, the Philippines, Brazil and, yes, Mexico are polyglot nations. Remember, you are the fly in the Mexican ointment now. The problem lies in the attitude that some other race owes another race something.

    As has been pointed out, 151 years have passed since the emancipation of US slaves. There are no debts due and pending.


  6. The problem is not race, it is the lack of common culture. We have been cut loose from our historical and cultural moorings and have been drifting for the past fifty years. We do not teach American history or culture in public classrooms anymore. Leftists have divided America into groups with grievances. Everyone, these days, believes that civil rights began with MLK and that there was no progress before that time. It is a lie. Students are not taught how to participate in a civil society. The basic facts of American history should be something we all share – taught without a political agenda We can respect the differences among us, but there should be a core understanding of history and culture that we all share. The public school system was founded to help immigrants assimilate, to become good citizens, and their parents were grateful for the opportunity. I went to school with Mexican kids whose parents would not let them speak Spanish. They wanted them to learn English, it is why they came to the USA. With a common understanding of our shared history and culture, we are free to celebrate one another’s roots – Cinco de Mayo (I know, don’t say it), Chinese New Year, St Patrick’s Day – because this adds to the rich American culture, and is not a source of division. Because, when it counts, we are all Americans. The left has screwed up the idea of a multicultural society, which used to be, out of many, one. I am a multiculturalist. I love a parade featuring the Virgin of Zapopan and her court of half naked Mayans and Aztecs and I am not offended by the little boys dressed as Pancho Villa, with their fake guns and painted mustaches and little girls with their baby dolls strapped to their backs. This is not my religion, not my history, but I respect it, and can enjoy being part of their celebrations. I had relatives who died at Goliad, at Salado Creek and at the Alamo, but I don’t hold it against the descendants of the Mexican army, or demand reparations from their great grandchildren.

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    1. Sometime it started by demands by special-interest groups or politicians wanting to cater to them by exploiting the idea that there was no need for assimilation. When I was in school, recent immigrants were proud and tried their hardest to become Americans. Then all that stopped when someone decided how bad America was and that it was okay to bring their culture to the U.S. and refuse to assimilate. Then the government made it not necessary to learn English by printing stuff in hundreds of languages therefore saying it was okay not be learn even basic English.

      A perfect example of brainwashed Gringos who support that ideology was when I was at the government office inquiring about Mexican drivers’ licenses a few years ago and a local Gringo who lived in Patzcuaro asked the person at the counter if they had the test and paperwork in English, proving that it was OK not to assimilate.

      In my mind someone is missing the big picture and not getting full enjoyment of life, whether it is NOB or SOB. The U.S. is becoming more split every day because of this attitude. We just don’t want to offend anyone. Yeah! Sure.


      1. Tancho: That event in the drivers’ license office makes me wonder if the locals have actually started printing such stuff in English in Gringo havens like San Miguel. Probably not, but it would happen there first. They should not do it.


        1. FYI, I don’t think that person is around (here) anymore. I have not seen her around. But then I don’t look for them. They usually stand out by themselves. I think it was the assumption that if the U.S. did it in multiple printings that Mexico would at least have English. If I had heard that today I would have said something to her. A few years ago I was able to restrain myself a lot more.

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  7. True, when I went to school, kids got hit if they spoke any language but English. The Indian kids had it the worse. A lot of kids ended up stuttering in their own native language.

    My wife went to school without a word of English. Luckily, her family had the good sense to send their kids to parochial school where they learned English from Irish nuns. Sometimes they say the strangest things.

    The idea of collective racial guilt is promoted by the “reverends” with their hate-white-people rhetoric.


  8. Hey Felipe, Tancho and friends (and any PC people lurking in the shadows). First, “Legaleese” is the official language in government, banks, etc. It isn’t understood by anyone and it was meant to be that way. I learned Spanish for my own protection, I don’t have to sit and wonder as many monolingual expats do as to whether I’m being talked about by the natives or if they are just talking about the price of nopales in the market. However, the secretary of relations exterior web page does come in English also.

    As for this madness in the states, most of it is the criminal element taking advantage of a situation so they can be borderline thieves. I feel more sorrow for the honest people put out of work when their businesses or jobs were burned. What about their holidays? They also seek justice. You’re right about multiculturalism. I’ve heard Japanese say the scary thing about the U.S.A. is multiculturalism.

    What’s the answer?? Maybe we could reverse the Emancipation Act. Lincoln’s plan was to ship them to Liberia. That was thwarted by J.W. Booth.

    The new culture being developed at lightning speed in the U.S.A. is Muslimism, and it is going to be a big problem also. They have been recruiting blacks in prisons for years, telling them to get away from the white man’s religion.

    Ah well, I can sit here in Mexico and watch the states turn into a Third World country. What a shame.


    1. Señor Mystic: What a shame indeed. And, yes, the Japanese mindset is about as far from multiculturalism as one can get. As for Mohammedans (my preferred word), the U.S. needs to be far more aware that it is engaged in a bona fide religious war in the 21st century. Barry sure does not understand that.

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