7 thoughts on “Mexican giants

    1. Ms. Bliss: Not the four wise men. Well, maybe in this instance, but they crop up around here at varying times of the year. Guess I should look up the significance, but I imagine someone will tell us.

      They don’t do this in your neck of the Mexican woods?


  1. I read that this tradition was brought over from Spain. Are there any local celebrations going on where you live that involve giant puppets? You should make the comment section able to upload pictures from your readers. The Purepechas are in town this weekend and there is the promise of some interesting costumes and dances.


    1. Bonnie: Brought over from Spain could be right, and I think you already can include photos in comments. Just type in the URL.

      We’re celebrating, exactly this evening, the annual walkabout town of the local Virgin. Before I moved south I thought there was just one Catholic virgin, but no. They are all over the place.


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