Storefront update


WE HAVE CHANGED the purpose of the storefront we’re building.

While construction moves along handily, we’ve decided to turn the area into a bakery for my wife. She bakes pastries and sells them out of a wicker basket on the downtown plaza every Saturday afternoon. She has become very popular and sometimes sells all 40 or so items in less than an hour.

Profits go into her “mad money” account at the HSBC.

However, for the past three or four years — neither of us can remember how long — that she’s been doing this, the Hacienda kitchen becomes a maelstrom of activity, especially Friday and Saturday mornings. Pots and pans are piled everywhere, and it’s difficult to move about. Baking outside the house would be a step up.

So, we’re purchasing a propane tank, a water heater (one of those little, on-demand things), a refrigerator and some sort of oven yet to be determined. A kitchen sink will be installed. A very large table and counters will be installed too, and the Hacienda Bakery will be born — out thataway.

We will still install a big opening to the street so that it can be rented as a storefront in the future, but that entrance will remain shut until some distant day. The previous post on this project can be found here.

And an almost daily photo update of the construction can be found here.

Electric and water lines embedded in wall.
Electric and water lines embedded in wall.

(Tidbit: Our contractor, a fellow named Ramón, has a separate crew simultaneously constructing our town’s new courthouse where public trials will be held. This is part of Mexico’s judicial reform that is gradually being put into place around the nation. Legal proceedings have previously been held behind closed doors. Not good.)

13 thoughts on “Storefront update

    1. Señor Cotton: Many possibilities have passed through our skulls the previous year or two. One of those was a baking space. But when we started this last month, that option had vanished from our minds. Then it came back again. Anything that gets her out of the house kitchen is fine by me. You cannot imagine the weekly chaos.


  1. Clientele mostly will be passersby? And local residents? The Plaza Grande would miss her basket of home-baked goods should that go by the wayside.


    1. Carole: Sales will continue in the same manner, Saturday afternoons downtown. We won’t be opening the storefront for this because it’s not the sort of thing the neighborhood folks would likely buy. What would be a great idea here is a panadería, a baked goods store, but the more pedestrian variety. Cheaper fare, not that my wife’s fancier offerings are pricey. Quite the contrary, but most people in our dreary, blue-collar neighborhood would not buy her stuff.

      A regular panadería likely would be quite a success because there is not one within miles of us.


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