Kitchens and virgins

Tank space

CONSTRUCTION WORK continues at the Hacienda. In the photo above, you see a second-story brick wall going up that will serve to hide the water tank that will sit up there above the lavatory.

As previously announced, the initial plan of building a storefront has been modified. While the new space will have a large opening to the street so it can be rented or used as a storefront, our new plan is to outfit the area as a big, stand-alone kitchen where my wife can bake her stupendous pastries to hawk on the downtown plaza.

The new roof has been installed. Instead of just the traditional clay tiles that were there before, an additional subroof of plywood was added and the tiles now sit atop that. It makes for a tighter environment for the kitchen. The plywood will be painted to match the exposed wood beams that support the roof.

Saturday marks the end of the work’s third week and a photo album of the construction is here. The contractor initially told us the work would take four to six weeks, but that ain’t gonna happen.

The floor still has to be cemented and ceramic tile laid, the plumbing and electrical must be completed, the interior walls finished and painted, the door to the street installed, the propane tank, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, potty, water heater installed, the septic tank excavated. In short, God knows when it will be done.

* * * *

But Friday was more than just another construction day. It also was the Virgin of Guadalupe’s day. As you may know, the Virgin of Guadalupe is the personal virgin of us Mexicans. She is special to us because she is brown-skinned as most of us are. She is not just some old white virgin, and we love her for that.

Old white virgins — like old white men — are passé, so yesterday.

There was a parade downtown today, and there will be earth-shaking concerts on our local plaza Friday and Saturday nights. December 12 is when the Virgin was born, or was first spotted, or maybe her resurrection. I really don’t keep up with these things. I can’t keep Jesus’ or Moses’ lives straight, much less a Mexican virgin’s.


I was downtown in mid-afternoon, and I shot this photo. It was tranquil — which is how I prefer it — the calm before the storm. But before I departed two hours later, there was a blaring taxi parade and associated drums, clarinets and tubas. The virgin apparently loves racket.

I got out just in the nick of time via a back street.

10 thoughts on “Kitchens and virgins

  1. Civilized señoras need their own creative workspace, like a separate kitchen. Likewise civilized hombres also need a creative workspace, like a workshop or maybe just a computer station. Looks nice.


    1. Carlos: Well, she’s certainly gonna get her creative workspace. It’s quite expansive. And I’ll be elated to get her out of the house kitchen which is chaotic Friday and Saturday mornings, to put it mildly. As for my creative workspace, I don’t need a workshop, so I guess the computer station qualifies. I do work in the yard, however. For the past few hours I’ve been outside cutting dead fronds from two stands of banana trees. A freeze got them about 10 days ago.


  2. Well, this is a positive development. Using the new space for a bakery seems perfect. Perhaps you can get her a big, commercial oven and a big, commercial mixer. Then she could start to produce in bulk, perhaps also supplying her sister’s café. And maybe then she could get people to come to your newly created storefront to buy stuff hot out of the oven.

    I see a budding imperio de pan.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where I’ve always wanted an outdoor kitchen for cooking smelly or smoky things.


    1. Kim: We’ll be going to the state capital next week to look at commercial ovens. Time will tell. As for the big mixer, I’m glad you mentioned that. She has been wanting one for ages. Perhaps one will appear in her Christmas stocking.


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