The tower view, 2

streetAS PROMISED yesterday, I climbed atop the kitchen/storefront lavatory and shot these photos. Above is our front street. I went for a Sam Peckinpah effect because I wanted it to look like an old Mexico movie.

Of course, Peckinpah’s actual movies were in color to accentuate the abundant blood flow.

Not much in the way of traffic out there, which is normal. This was photographed yesterday around 10 a.m. Sometimes there are men on horseback, plus the occasional burro.

In the distance, you can see trees on the right side of the street. That’s our local plaza, and it’s just 1.5 blocks away. Earth-shaking concerts are held there about eight nights a year. These events are inspired by stuff like saints, virgins and season change. We sleep with silicone earplugs on those nights.

About two years ago, a big blow, quite a storm, uprooted nine trees in the plaza, about a third of those present. It was never reported as a tornado, but I’m convinced it was.

Doing a 180, you’re facing the sex motel next door. I wouldn’t want you to miss that. You can see into the rooms, especially that first one. Those are the bed pillows. A similar direct view is available from the house’s upstairs terraza, and folks occasionally leave the curtains open, to their dismay if I show up.

The sex motel is a fun neighbor.

motel(Note: Coming up tomorrow. Nairobi lesbians!)

33 thoughts on “The tower view, 2

  1. You have it much better than living in a subdivision with exorbitant HOA fees … and after amnesty is granted those HOA fees in the USA will increase drastically. I don’t live in a subdivision either. We rented a house once before buying SOB, and we had a sex motel within the same block … we gave each window a TV channel number. It provided many hours of nighttime entertainment.


    1. Bev: I had to look up HOA fees, but now I know. Ha! I don’t pay no steenking HOA fees. As for the sex motel, when we learned it was going to be built — about two years after we moved in — we were quite concerned. We figured there would be noise, etc., but no! It’s a fantastic neighbor. Quiet and always there, serving as sort of a 24-hour security service because the front desk is always manned. I love the place.


        1. Ms. Shoes: I cannot speak too highly of having a sex motel next door. It’s been all plus, no minus. And it was not there when we built our house. So, Lic. Cotton might still luck up. Things happen.


  2. That top photo looks like it was taken by Hugo Brehme, the famous German/Mexican photographer. I have a couple of his originals, signed in pencil. I like the black and white look.


    1. Señor Bowman: Thanks. I decided a few months ago that I would put all photos here in black and white unless color was essential, part of the reason for including the photo. However, I often forget.

      Thirty years in the newspaper business left me with a better-than-average eye for composition, which helps a lot.


  3. I like all the house and neighborhood photos. And a nice perspective it gives. Get back on that torre before you can’t take a panoramic view.

    What I really want to know (and probably should have asked in a prior post), who is going to clean the new outside kitchen. Pastries are so good but the making is a sticky mess.


    1. Andean: If you mean the floor, it will be her. If you mean washing the dishes, I imagine we will continue in the same manner as now. I do almost all the dish-washing for her enterprise. There are two reasons for this: 1. It frees her up to bake. 2. I do it 1,000 times faster than she does, and better.

      Watching her wash dishes is like watching water boil or pulling teeth. She is soooo slow. It is an interminable process, an incredible thing to witness. And when she finishes, the dishes are no more clean than when I do them. I am an ace dishwasher.


    2. I not only wash dishes for her baking. I wash dishes here, period. I have often wondered where she learned her dishwashing technique. It goes like this: We have a two-sided sink. First, the dishes are soaped up interminably on the left side in slow motion, then transferred to the right side, one by one. Then she moves to the right side to rinse while alternately scrubbing more. Then they go back to the left side for another rinse. All of this is done very, very slowly.

      She was raised with a mob of brothers and sisters, so there were always lots of dishes to be washed. I imagine they were not washed immediately after use, but later. This allowed the food to dry on the dishes, which ups the challenge significantly.

      I never allow food to dry on dishes. I wash them immediately after eating. If you don’t let the food dry, it’s way, way, way easier to clean them. That is my secret. Immediate washing. Far quicker and easier if the grub is not caked on.


      1. A massive compound, two new cars, a second casita downtown, decorative arts in excess, yet no dishwasher?!?!?

        All I can say is, ¡Qué Raro!


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we first had our own dishwasher, and now will never live without.


        1. Kim: You overlooked the Mexico City apartment. As for dishwashers, they have always struck me as a totally useless appliance. Even when I rented a furnished condo in Houston before moving south, I ignored the dishwasher in the kitchen. I have never used a dishwasher in my life. You gotta pretty much wash the dishes before you even put them in the dishwasher. It’s nuts.


          1. Actually, you DON’T have to “pretty much wash the dishes before you even put them in the dishwasher.” That’s a myth that was fortunately busted by Consumer Reports. I just scrape off the big stuff into the trash, and throw the plates into the dishwasher, let them sit there several days until I have a big enough load to wash, then wash them and they always come out sparkling clean.

            People who wash their dishes before putting them in a dishwasher are wasting time, water, and money.

            Having a dishwasher and letting IT do the job is not nuts.

            Get one, use it, and be thrilled I’m a longtime commenter. Seriously. You’ll be glad you did.


            1. P.S. You do have to make sure the water is hot before you run the dishwasher. In my case, that means letting the hot tap in the kitchen sink run until the water is hot. Then I start the dishwasher. And I’ll write it again for emphasis. I never ever rinse plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Never.


            2. Kim: People who do not wash the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher are ill-bred people. Everyone who matters knows this. I promise. It’s like not owning a mattress cover.


              1. OMG… I do rinse (not wash) dishes before putting in dishwasher. Still don’t get the mattress cover thingy. That’s why there is a fitted sheet. How many undercovers do people need?


      2. Hmm, sounds like someone doesn’t like to wash dishes. Raising my hand. I’d hire someone for that newfound kitchen, to just clean and wash.

        Washing dishes immediately defeats the purpose of … not liking the process.

        But I could garden, and garden some more. Different strokes for different folks, Felipe.


            1. Andean: I perhaps should not have mentioned the mattress cover. It is kind of an inside joke understood by nobody by me and the person, some weeks back, who chastised me for not using a mattress cover. I — like you — think a fitted sheet does the job quite perfectly.


            2. Andean: Why do I enjoy washing dishes? Because I am a neat freak and very orderly person. Plus, I feel that any chore than needs to be done should have been done 10 minutes ago.

              Haven’t you noticed?!


            3. Andean: I don’t think my wife enjoys any chore at all. If she enjoys it, it wouldn’t be a chore to her. Many years ago, she said she enjoyed ironing, but I think that has worn off after having to do it for two people for quite spell.

              I do enjoy some chores, especially dishwashing.


      3. I once went to dinner at a co-worker’s house. When we were finished eating, she put all the dishes down on the floor, and she let her four dogs lick them clean. I never returned to her home.


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