Nairobi lesbians

New ImageA FUN ASPECT to this blogging thing is followers. Everybody wants to have as many followers as possible because who wants to write if nobody reads?

I have a button in the right column where you can click “Get Mooned” to become a follower. Get Mooned. Get it? Usually, when someone decides to follow The Unseen Moon I get an email about it. One thing has become clear: Some people do it just so you’ll go look at their blog. It’s a fishing expedition.

Another method is “liking” a post. If you’re on a fishing expedition, this would be easier for you. Now don’t get me wrong. I am quite fond of followers which, in theory, are readers. The more the merrier, as it’s said.

There are ways to detect that a follower is just on a fishing expedition. Most have a Gravatar, which is a link back to them. Often there is another link and a photo on that Gravatar. If it’s a teenager, you’re likely looking at a fisherman. If it’s a teenager hugging a guitar, you’re definitely looking at a fisherman.

I’ve been thinking of writing about this phenomenon for a year or more. Yesterday, I was pushed over the edge. I got an email that I have a new follower. That person or persons is named “Nairobi lesbians.” Here is the Gravatar. The Nairobi lesbians Gravatar has neither photos nor links to a blog. They (or she) seem not to have a blog, so this appears not to be a fishing expedition.

One must conclude that one or more lesbians in Nairobi actually want to keep up with The Unseen Moon. I welcome that. I imagine that being a lesbian in Kenya is challenging, so perhaps I can offer some lightheartedness and political astuteness now and then.

I’m part of a lesbian family. I am intimately acquainted with lesbians. My only sibling is a lesbian. My father’s only sibling was a lesbian. My mother had no siblings, so her side remains a question mark. In short, I know lesbians. I have embraced lesbians often, literally. You might say lesbians are my people.

But I pray the Nairobi lesbians are not related to Barry Obama, a brother Kenyan.

That would be quite disappointing.

* * * *

(Note: I always try to  include some photo or artwork on posts that are related to the topic. Nairobi lesbians presented a challenge. I did a Google image search using “Nairobi lesbians” as a keyword and came up with some interesting stuff, but nothing I could display. I opted for some kente cloth. Everybody likes kente cloth.)

(Tomorrow: Beasts breaching the barricades.)

15 thoughts on “Nairobi lesbians

  1. Another early blog to start my day with a chuckle. Curiosity made me Google image, and I can see why you could not find a suitable image for your blog! The internet sure covers a lot of subjects. Keep up the good work.

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      1. Yes, sometimes it seems as if the Republican party has a death wish. Sad, but true.

        On the question of lesbianism, I am pretty much up to par. I labored in public employment for over thirty years. Civil service, I believe, is the lesbian national homeland. The good news is that it can be cured. Unlike the gay boys, lesbians can be redeemed.

        I had a niece who was a good-looking little girl. When her family went to Las Vegas, she saw what she liked. She got a job running around dressed in next to nothing and passing out drinks to drunk suckers. Fate and genetics intervened. She got fat. Then she did other jobs; she gave out change and cashed out quarters. Sometimes she shilled. She found herself in a relationship with a big, diesel dyke. All leather and motorcycles. It scared me to look at that creature.

        We prayed and prayed for the resolution of this issue. And it came. He was what my folks called “prieto, prieto, color de llanta.” I was never so glad to see a “mallate.”


        1. Señor Gill: We’ll have to disagree a bit on the lesbian thing. Just from observation, I think some are born that way, as are gay guys, but I think some simply go that way for whatever reason, usually having something to do with men problems. My sister is in the latter category. In other words, I think some lesbians choose it. Sounds like your niece was in that category too. I don’t think gay men ever choose it, nor do I think they can be “cured.”

          As for mallate, I got no idea what that means. Best to stick to English.


          1. Oops, sorry I forgot. Forgive me. Mallate refers to a black beetle. It is slang for a person of color. We are in agreement on the issue of same sex attraction.


  2. You need to rethink what it takes to be elected President. John Ellis, even though another Bush, is electable. I don’t like it, but I would prefer an elected President to one like Miss Piggy. Think about it, Bush is the smart move. Nonetheless, I would prefer Romney, but as much as I hate to admit it he isn’t electable.


      1. Señor Gill: Rubio’s Wikipedia page says nothing of his being a Mormon. But I see other places that show he was involved with the Mormons for three years as a child. Then the family returned to the normal Catholic route of Latinos. However, looks like he’s a Baptist now.

        Anything is okay by me as long as he’s not a Mohammedan.


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