Let’s deport citizens

CAN A NATION inhabited by such colossally vapid people expect to stand?

Were Mexicans asked this same question, not one would be on board. Nobody.

Video by Campus Reform, which points out the stupidity running rampant on American campuses.

9 thoughts on “Let’s deport citizens

  1. I see things like this and am speechless. These are college students that will be leading companies and government in the future? Jessie Watters on Fox has similar shows, that show the ignorance of the populous. Many of them vote. That is how we ended up with Obama!


    1. Mike: Of course, the people who saw this “petition” for the idiocy that it was were not included in the video. But that even one or two people who appear otherwise normal would favor such a thing is quite revealing. Yes, Watter’s World does similar things, and it rarely fails to leave me gape-jawed. Watters swears that he does not cull out the smart people and leave just the morons. I believe him.


    2. This illustrates best, I think, how Barry was elected the second time. The first time, not so much. There were lots of other elements in play in 2008, but by 2012 it was clear to those of us with open eyes exactly who Barry is and what he represents. Nothing positive.


  2. The interviewer should have had a follow up statement. “Thanks for signing the petition. You will now be added to the preferred list of American deportees. Thank you.”


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