Septic tank symphony

THE BOYS have been here for a month now, arriving every morning before 8:30., building the pastry workshop as my lovely wife has chosen to call it, not the kitchen, not the storefront.

This brief video serves just one purpose: to give you a short taste of life on a Mexican construction project. There on the left is the helper, José, who looks to be about 16. He should be in school. Down in the hole is Juan, who looks to be about 35. He is an artist at what he does, incredibly skilled.

The music is theirs, blaring from a dusty boombox nearby. A Mexican construction project requires music, always. The size of the crew varies, but usually it’s just these two because Ramón the honcho is also building the new courthouse downtown, and a courthouse outranks a pastry workshop.

Ramón told me it should all be finished in another week. Due to Christmas, I am skeptical. I’ve also decided to paint the entire façade of the Hacienda property, what you see out on the street. We will be so pretty.

rebarJust a couple of hours after the video was shot, the septic tank roof had been covered with boards — supported from below by parts of trees — and rebar laced atop the wood. There’s an opening at the top left of the tank.

And then just an hour or so later, the entire shebang was covered in cement.


As always, a blow by blow photo spread of the construction can be found here.

And the previous post about this matter can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Septic tank symphony

  1. That is a cool picture, the still before the video is activated. For some reason the pastel hues and gentle lines make it appear like one of those older postcards from years ago. Then when you click the arrow the action starts. You did something special with the artistic method here.

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    1. Tancho: I did nothing to the video. It’s how my pissant Kodak Easyshare — primarily for photos but with a video capacity — recorded it. Then I downloaded it to Vimeo. I often alter my still photos, but I did not do anything to this video. I shot it in the early morning, and the sun was really strong. I think that is what caused the effect.


  2. I skipped the video. I know enough about construction below the border to last a lifetime. I do love a good septic system, though. I recall how my very poor neighbors in Honduras managed to buy and self-install less expensive systems. Sanitation is a good thing, a very good thing.


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