My child bride

YoungMY WIFE possesses an exotic face. Her eyes are slanty, and she is thin-lipped. I am extremely taken with her face. She feels just the opposite.

Women are goofy.

Looking through an online photo gallery of her recently, I paused at this shot. It’s a detail of a far larger photo taken when she was about 7. She is holding a baby, one of her many siblings. Daddy never kept it in his pants.

The shot was taken somewhere in the State of Michoacán where she was born, raised and educated before moving to Mexico City where she worked 14 years as a civil engineer for the federal highway department.

That ended when she met me in 2002.

totThe second shot is even earlier. She was on Mexican beach around age 3 or 4, and she looks to have a bad attitude. This too is a detail from a much larger photo, which shows that she had been playing in mud.

Her hair is no longer short, and she’s quite a few years older, but still far younger than I am, and she still looks marvelous. She was my best Christmas present this year, as she’s been the best one for the past 14 years, the greatest gift from God ever.

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  1. De acuerdo. Bella. Unless I am mistaken there is also wild hair and a hint of high cheekbones as well. Both add to the beauty and attractiveness in my opinion.


    1. Enrique: You have quite a good eye. Yes, she does have high cheekbones and wild hair, that latter being a constant source of frustration to her since her hair now is almost down to her waist. She came home one night about five years ago with it “straightened.” Dreadful. But the straightening did not last very long, a few days, thank the Goddess.

      She has long considered herself unattractive, which is absurd. Granted, she does not look like Sharon Stone. She’s entirely different. The upside to her thinking she has an ugly face is that she long ago decided that if she could do nothing about her face, she could do something about her body, and she’s been pumping iron, so to speak, all her adult life, and it shows.


  2. Yes, she does have a different look than most of the Mexican women I have ever seen. Very exotic. I wonder what other races might be in her lineage that contributed to that look. As I have said MANY times, Felipe. You are ONE LUCKY MAN!!!

    Salud & Felíz Ano Nuevo!

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    1. Carole: We are of one mind. As for hitting the jackpot, which I did, I think the locals would use winning the “premio gordo,” the fat prize. Doesn’t sound too appealing, I think, but that’s a common term.


  3. As I’ve commented in person, I think she’s quite a catch, not only in the looks department (where her own judgment is FAR of the mark), but in brains and wit too.

    Too bad she doesn’t have a gay brother, LOL.


    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    Where we are relieved to have survived one more Christmas.

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