Tenth birthday


THIS WEBSITE BEGAN a decade ago this month. Not specifically this website because it has changed frocks and faces a few times, but the sole fingers on the keyboard have been mine, 10 years running.

The appearance and tone have morphed significantly — some say for the worse — reflecting the fact that my appearance and tone have done the same over the decade. Change is eternal, often downhill.

I began on Blogger.com with a theme that had the look of parchment paper. The first title was actually the address here at the Hacienda, the street and number, which was kinda dumb, but did not seem so at the time.

Those were more innocent days before the world went wild.

I soon eliminated the street number but continued with the name, Zapata Street, but later it changed to The Zapata Tales, and it was very popular, loved even by some. It got a mention in the popular People’s Guide to Mexico and a number of other more widely read places. The street name inspired my nom de plume, obviously.

The Zapata Tales was often romantic and lyrical, and its focus was living in Mexico. After six years, I wearied of it. Living in Mexico had lost its novelty, so I killed that website, and The Unseen Moon debuted in July 2011.

Fact, fiction and opinion stirred in an odd pot.

I still write about Mexican life, but I prefer to address other things, political things, especially politically incorrect things from my astute, fearless, oft-conservative viewpoint. Sometimes I write very short fiction, which is what I prefer most of all. Alas, the muse visits me infrequently, and I don’t force it.

The Zapata Tales’ run of seven-plus years inspired some interesting feedback. Here are some of my favorites:

Infectiously personal.

Pretentious dolt.

Wise, wry writing from a beautiful place.

You’re like a drunk uncle.

You’re a right-wing wacko.

God, you are hysterical.

I love the intimacy you share.

I’m proud of these and the scads more I did not include here.

* * * *

This website is for diversion. I make no money. Of course, I am dead set against Mohammedans, a recurring theme. And collectivists too, but the only harm I wish upon collectivists is that they lose elections resoundingly.

They are dreamers, sometimes dangerously so. Mohammedans are simply dangerous, period.

I also strongly oppose efforts to promote multiculturalism and diversity. Not because they are not lovely notions — they surely are — but because they run counter to human nature. Far more often that not, multicultural societies wallow in mayhem and murder. Global examples abound. Close the iPad and look around you.

Gaze no farther than within the United States these days.

* * * *

I abandoned Blogger.com in 2010 and switched to WordPress, which I find superior. And I favor a clean, simple look, which is easier to read. I prefer two- or three-line paragraphs and a space between them.

Some blogs (a dreadful word) look like someone loaded a shotgun with words, bolts, nails, scrap metal, hand grenades and paint, and fired at the computer screen. You won’t find that here.

Neither will you encounter literary allusions nor theatrical references* nor ten-dollar words few people know. And you won’t see Spanish, though I speak Spanish. I’m here to impress you, but not in those ways.

I favor simplicity and clarity. Both on The Moon and here on Earth.

The longest post, actually two tandem posts, was the report on our 10th anniversary trip to the communist horror of Cuba. That report was serialized in the fun and informative The Weekly Bulletin of Brazoria County, Texas. That the publisher is a former coworker on the Houston Chronicle is pure coincidence, of course.

My best efforts over the past decade are immortalized in a separate website, which I humbly titled The Pearls of Zapata. Two of my favorites are The Broken Staircase and Victoria and the Cowboy.

One is fiction, but the other is true.

Often I think of packing it in. But then something pops up that annoys or fascinates me, and I feel like sharing. I was 60 years old when I started this, and now I’m 70. I wonder if I’ll still be doing it at 80 … or even breathing.

* * * *

* Since I know almost nothing theatrical or literary, this is an easy vow to keep.

(Note: WordPress tells me that about 80,000 people viewed The Moon in 2014. Come again, bring your friends and neighbors, and feel at liberty to leave a comment.)

22 thoughts on “Tenth birthday

  1. Congratulations on your 10th year. I sincerely hope that you continue to get annoyed or fascinated until 80 or beyond. Of all the blogs I read, yours continues to my favorite. Cheers in the New Year.

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  2. I echo that sentiment. And Happy New Year! Why those words need caps I can’t say. But it seems they always are. Perhaps I’m over-thinking.

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  3. Happy New Year along with congrats on the decade of entertainment.
    Sometimes I disagree with your thinking, but I keep coming back, so there must be lots of it that I like.
    Thank you.


  4. I’ve enjoyed all of your writing, no matter what the subject matter. Just please keep on doing it. Writing that is. The pictures are fabulous too, and fill me with envy. Hope you and the señora have a great New Year.

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    1. Señor Cotton: I won’t deny that you were on my mind with those statements about literary references and 10-dollar words. The Devil made me do it. Sometimes I cannot control myself.


    1. Thanks, John. Keeping it “real” has gotten me into lots of hot water, but that’s the fun part. By the way, I don’t know why your comment went to the moderation pile. I did not do it. Just one of the vagaries of high technology. Perhaps you used a different email address, which would have done it.


  5. Have I been reading your blog for ten years? Probably more like eight. But I’ve mostly enjoyed it, though I had to swear off during the last presidential election. Chances are that I’ll probably not read a lot between the spring of 2016 and the following winter, but who knows?

    Frankly, it’d be a lot more interesting (and less fraught for your readers) if you wrote about Mexican politics.

    In the meantime, ¡Felicidades por una década y que sigas adelante! Viva The Unseen Moon!


    Kim G
    San Francisco, CA
    Where we are freezing our nalgas off in our friends’ unheated homes.


    1. Kim: Since you voted not once but — incredibly — twice for Barry, I understand why you preferred looking the other way during the last presidential election. I was hard on your boy, but he deserves it.

      As for focusing on Mexican politics, truth is that I pay little attention to it. If a government runs fairly smoothly and mostly leaves me alone, I am content. And the Mexican government mostly does just that, leaves me alone, which is the conservatives’ ideal government. My approach is simple. I vote at every opportunity for the conservative candidate most likely to win. So far, I am batting 1,000. One vote for the PAN presidential candidate, who won in 2006, and then one vote for a PRI presidential candidate who also won in 2012. Apparently, I am a king-maker.

      As for 2016 in the U.S., who knows if I will fixate on that as I fixated on the two previous presidential elections. If the NDP nominates another PC-embracing collectivist (perhaps Liz “Dances with Wolves” Warren, the heap fake squaw), I will pound her relentlessly and amusingly. Someone has to set the U.S. straight, and perhaps that person is me.

      Another reason not to write about Mexican politics is that most readers (and most live in the U.S.) could not care less.

      But thanks for the birthday salutation. You already missed the fireworks and the party, however.


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