Moon scoop: the cesspool


NEVER BEFORE have you had the online opportunity to see the innards of a cesspool, but here it is before you.

This is the sort of courageous journalism you don’t find elsewhere. As you may recall, the storefront, almost completed, being built here at the Hacienda has a septic tank. And while all the connections are done, the toilet installed, water at the ready, no one has actually “used the facilities.” The septic tank is still cherry.

So, in the spirit of Geraldo Rivera, I dropped a ladder and headed down this morning. On reaching the gravel floor, I looked about and felt I was in the cloakroom of the Democratic National Committee. I glanced around, expecting to spot Debbie Wasserman Schultz or at least Maxine Waters, but no. The coast was clear.

It was just a generic cesspool.


Above, you see a wall detail. There are spaces in the bricks that provide a filtration effect so the nasty matter can simply become one with the dirt behind.  At the top are two pipes. The larger comes from the bathroom, including the toilet. The smaller is a ventilation tube that extends high into the sky above the bathroom.

Yes, this is the sort of reportage you see nowhere else. Were this a just world, not ruled by White Privilege, I would be awarded a Pulitzer. But I am a Mexican, downtrodden and discriminated against. A loser.

But it’s not my fault.

* * * *

(Note: A blow-by-blow photo gallery of the storefront construction is here.)

12 thoughts on “Moon scoop: the cesspool

  1. Well that was a sh*tty story! (Sorry Felipe, I couldn’t resist humor on this one.) Looks good. You’re making good progress!

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    1. Yep, Mike. It’s almost done. They only have to install a wooden bathroom door, a metal door out to our yard, and one of those big, slide-up doors that will open to the street. We have no immediate plans to try and rent it, so that likely will stay shut for a good while.


  2. I was shocked, sir, shocked to be confronted with such a common tale while eating my roquefort panini. When will this toilet language be at end? I may have to take my business — well, to your septic tank.


    1. Señor Cotton: Our new toilet is ever at your service. Of course, if there is urgency involved, it would be better to run somewhere closer. On a related matter, my lovely spouse and I were discussing just this morning that we probably should embrace the old Mexican custom of not dropping paper into the toilet bowl but into a nearby trash can. Best just to have biodegradable material down in the new hole.


  3. Really, Felipe. As a longtime reader, I don’t think you’ve ever descended to such depths before merely to get pageviews. I mean, really. You’re there below the gutter. I’m tempted to call it yellow journalism, but that’d only be partially true.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, thankfully, that ‘stuff’ is piped out and into a municipal facility and ends up miles from here.


    1. Kim: Actually, I have descended into the depths before. I once went down into the cistern when it was empty. All for the sake of the readers.

      As for the “stuff” being piped out, the builder said that would need to be done about every five years. However, I think it will be longer since that bathroom will be rarely used as long as the place is not rented, and we have no immediate plans to rent it.


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