Nation unraveled

TWO NEWS stories today do a lovely job of illustrating the wackiness of the American cultural landscape brought to you by devotion to multiculturalism and the victim mentality. And, oh yes, ignorance.

BlackPowerIf it isn’t Latinos wanting to give back a third of the western United States to Mexico, it’s blacks acting like children on the one hand and like bulls in the proverbial china shop on the other.

To wit:

First, a 100-year-old Navy vet was receiving a special honor at a Town Hall meeting in Portland, Oregon, one of your collectivist blue states, of course, when a pack of angry black folks (is there any other kind these days?) stormed in to chant the shopworn phrases “Hands up! Don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe!”

This had absolutely nothing to do with the event, of course, but so what?

Second, and you’ll really enjoy the brilliant thinking behind this one, packs of angry black folks (are there any other kinds these days?) have taken to disrupting white people having restaurant brunches. They do this, they say, due to white people’s “complicity in genocide.”

So far this latter nuttiness has taken place in Berkeley, California, (knock me over with feather) and New York City (another feather), more bastions of vapid, collectivist thinking.

It’s a great time to be living outside the United States.

* * * *

(Note: I feel sorry for what appears to be a minority of black Americans who are clear-thinking, informed and law-abiding citizens. How these protests must embarrass them.)

13 thoughts on “Nation unraveled

  1. I like the comment, but I think just plain stupid sums it all up. Ignorance denotes the lack of information which is certainly not the case with all the news coverage and investigations, arrogance suggests a display of superiority, but that is either transparently false or buffoonery. Stupid is exactly what the tribal chiefs sold the slave traders.


    1. Carlos: I’m not sure these people actually pay much attention to the news. Perhaps when Al Sharpton is on the telly. I think ignorance largely applies. Not to say that many are not stupid too. They are.


    1. Señor Gill: Yes, I saw that. In time, with luck, the collectivists will understand that “embracing the culture” of Mohammedans in the warm spirit of political correctness is a very bad idea. There is a religious war going on, and only one side fully gets it. And it ain’t our side.


      1. Turkish residents have set up in Berlin big time. There are neighborhoods where they set up housekeeping and there are doner shops on every corner! In certain areas, the “window washers” are jumping out at red lights and they don’t take no for an answer.


  2. I see rapper Cool C is up for execution today for the murder of police officer Laurentha Vaird. Mr. Cool C was involved in an income and wealth transfer at a bank, and Officer Vaird interrupted it. He shot her as she walked through the door.
    Officer Vaird was a woman of significant African linage and an excellent police officer.
    God willing, we will never hear another rap from that perp.


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