Women and men are different

TRYING TO INSERT women into the Marine Corps infantry officer ranks has, not surprisingly, failed utterly.


The Marine Corps got along famously for decades without women in its infantry, and that is how it should be. Then feminism reared its Butchy head, frightening the Marines, something they should be eternally embarrassed about, and they opened training for infantry officers to the distaff side.

Not surprisingly, the ladies couldn’t keep up. Most men can’t keep up. Women had nary a prayer. But due to the silly egalitarian/victim culture in which the United States now wallows, they had to be given a chance.

Women do have a place in the military, and that place is far back at headquarters, doing the thinking. Women are equal to men in the thinking area, but not in the brawn department.

Women should not be firemen either, which is one of the most physically grueling occupations that exists.

It’s nutty that these common-sense conclusions are considered reactionary these days.

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10 thoughts on “Women and men are different

  1. Once, I was driving on the back roads of Missouri with my two, strong, physically fit teen-aged daughters, and I had a flat on the van. We had a system for changing tires when dad wasn’t around. We would position the star wrench on the lug nut and then the youngest would jump up and down on the wrench until it loosened the nut while holding onto our shoulders. So, we were doing this when a truck pulled over, and an old guy with a sunken chest and skinny arms got out and asked if he could give us a hand. He knelt down, grabbed the wrench and in a few moments had the lug nuts off and the tire changed. Even the worst specimen of male fitness had more upper body strength than the three of us healthy, young women.


    1. Bonnie: Good story, and not surprising. Men and women are different. Putting (or trying to put as it turns out) women into the Marine Corps infantry may be the dumbest idea anyone on earth has ever come up with. Last I heard, however, women have been put in the Army infantry. Something that will turn out very badly, of course.


  2. The military needs to be led, not managed. You can send a man to run up to a bunker and throw in a satchel charge. But a women will give an argument, want some one else to do it or will have to pick up kids at day care.
    When things turned bad at Chernobyl, the male operators stayed and dealt with the problem. The ladies said their shift was over, and they had to pick up the kids.


  3. Women come in all sizes and levels of physical ability, just like guys. Maybe you just haven’t beheld the females who could whup those guys, they don’t necessarily want to be Marines or firepersons.


  4. At the risk of sounding like a misogynist (which I’m not) I’ll tell this story. First of all, there are just some things a woman (not necessarily all women) aren’t able to do. My wife can’t open a bottle of mayonaise.

    Anyway, when I was younger, I worked on the circus. Every morning I had to lift a hundred pounds over my head many times daily. We were putting up the grandstand, carrying quarter poles, unloading them off the truck, tying half hitches, guying out the big top to a specified tightness and other trivial pursuits, then reloading everything in perfect order at night and driving a hundred miles are so …without pay… (this was known as “Chinese work,” to earn us the privilege of being a vendor of cotton candy, Cokes, snow cones and whatever, from which we received a percentage of what we sold.)

    One day the manager hired two girls on the concession crew. I told him and the straw boss, you know this isn’t going to work. He said, well, I can’t discriminate just because they are females. OK, I said, “as long as they can do the Chinese I don’t care. The straw boss, who was a good friend of mine, said, I know it won’t work, but we’ll give them the lighter tasks at first to see what happens … besides maybe we’ll get laid.

    We didn’t, and it turned out they were Lesbians. I told them if you can do the work I won’t complain. One of them said I can do anything a man can do. I said, Oh really? Can you piss up a rope? She had to admit failure on that one. So, they lasted two weeks and then they saw the light that we had to break our backs to make a living, and they disappeared in the middle of the night. Let’s face it. We are different, and that’s the way it should be.


      1. Even if they had wanted to, there’s no time in the circus. The show must go on. (Ha! try convincing my wife of that!)


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