Mohammedans and machine guns


COWARDLY NEWS OUTLETS like the collectivist New York Times won’t publish this cover from Charlie Hebdo, but The (Intrepid) Unseen Moon — from the safety of a mountaintop in the middle of Mexico, a country where the Mohammedan population is happily about 0.01 percent — knows no fear.

The crime here is that Mohammedans say you cannot depict Mohammed at all, or you’ll have your head chopped off. Something like that. It’s a really loving religion. I urge you to pass this cartoon along.

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Moving on now to a second, and perhaps related, issue: guns. Due to some tragic shootings in the United States in recent years committed by lunatics, the collectivists have been screaming and fainting from the vapors because they cannot get the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment canceled.

As if that would help. There are already guns everywhere. The horse is out of the barn. The collectivists would also like to rescind the First Amendment, but that another issue.

EastwoodThis has created a backlash among traditional Americans, who make up the majority of the citizenry. Collectivists collect on the coasts where they sip white wine in the east and make movies in the west. And they elect dummkopfs like Bill de Blasio in the east and Jerry Brown in the west.

Normal people are flocking to gun stores and arming themselves. This is, in part, due to the collectivist attack on the Constitution. It may also be due to bloodthirsty Mohammedans moving into the neighborhood.

Imagine my broad smile the other day on finding this online. It’s a new firing range in Orlando, Florida, called Machine Gun America. It made my day.

For those of you who want a ranking of machine guns, go here, brought to you by the Washington Free Beacon, a very good news source. In spite of what Leftists would have you think, it’s almost impossible to legally own a fully automatic rifle, but if you go to Machine Gun America, you can let ‘er rip.

11 thoughts on “Mohammedans and machine guns

  1. Firearms are tools, not toys. They are something you need to work when you need them. They are not something little girls should be fiddling around with. That guy running the gun range that allowed a little girl to attempt to fire a machine gun, got a round in the gut. He died. That was natural selection removing stupidity from the gene pool. Sorry to say that, but it was true.

    That said, people are buying firearms because they are scared to death that MSNBC and CNN are going to ignite a race war. People like Don Lemon and the shakedown, Judas Goat, reverends are doing their best to turn one faction of society against the rest of society. This will not end well.

    By the way, the biggest owner of the New York Times is now Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican of Lebanese descent.

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    1. Señor Gill: Firearms are certainly tools, but I think they can be toys too in that they can be fun to fire in safe conditions, which is what most firing ranges are. I recall that incident at another firing range where an employee let a little girl (I believe she was 9 or so) fire off a Uzi. Did not turn out well for the employee. RIP. Darwin’s Natural Selection in play, I agree.

      I agree that all this racial stuff is not going to end well in the United States. It’s already gone from bad to worse.

      Carlos Slim, one of the richest — if not currently the richest — men in the world also owns Mexico’s phone system.


  2. Boy, I can’t wait to see some of the response to this. Too bad a lot of lefties have given up on reading the Moon.


    1. Tancho: Yes, many have thrown up their hands and gone off to read the Huffington Post every day. It makes them feel good about themselves. It’s sad. I enjoyed having most of them around. It was more fun with their steaming. Some will say I have blocked them, and it’s true, but I only blocked the colossally rude ones. Some of the others I merely had to put on permanent moderation because you never knew if they would react in a reasonably polite manner or not.

      I always try to be polite.


  3. Nice post. I share your feelings about San MIguel. Why would anyone want to live there? It is full of gringos?


    1. Wesmouch: I am conflicted about San Miguel. On the plus side, it’s got great restaurants, and it’s colorful. That’s about it on the plus side. On the negative side, I simply object to it on general principle. People who move there usually do not want to make an effort to actually live in Mexico. It’s a spot where you can keep one foot here, and one foot over the border … permanently. And never speak Spanish.

      But San Miguel is not mentioned in this post. I think you meant to leave the comment elsewhere. No matter. No harm done.


  4. We were saying yesterday that Mexico seems to be immune from the Islamist influx into the western world they hate so much. There are a few in Central America, mostly converts.


      1. They may be few, but it only takes one to do a lot of damage, like the guy in Israel with a knife. I think he stabbed something like eleven people. Watch your back and don’t get run over by a Muslim.


    1. The social welfare system in Mexico and much of Latin America is not attractive to these moochers. My wife worked at wally world, and they are all on the food stamp program


      1. Señor Gill: That seems to be the norm, especially in Europe, where the diversity lovers in the host country welcome them with open arms. The immigrants gather together in specific neighborhoods where outsiders are not welcomed, get on the dole, send cash back to their relatives on the desert sands, and fight assimilation in the host country to the fullest degree possible.


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