6 thoughts on “Gun-nut America

  1. This seems to indicate that the murder rate decreases as gun ownership rises. Maybe it’s the fear of attacking an armed person. But what liberal would believe that?


  2. You could tie them up and make them watch it, but they still will want to take the guns away … All while calling you a racist, bigot and homophobes.


  3. My husband was a marksman when he was in the navy, but we do not keep guns, mostly because we do not want our grandchildren to find them and harm themselves. We had guns when we lived on a farm for scaring off anything that would eat the chickens or goats (though dogs worked best for making this happen) and occasionally we had the agonizing chore of putting down a terminally ill animal. I think if all young men did a stint in the military – national guard, reserves, active duty – that we would not be such a frightened, feminized society. I am timid around guns, but I certainly don’t want to be with a man who is.

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    1. I admire your attitude, Bonnie. As for having guns here in Mexico, wouldn’t be wise. At least, if you want to stay out of prison. Mexico is a classic example of when guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.


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