The neighborhood


THIS IS MY neighborhood. I took a walk yesterday about noon, and I toted my camera. I had nothing better to do while waiting for my wife to finish her weekly pastry marathon.

This top photo is color because that’s the new house’s prime draw. It was constructed in the past year.

carA corner of the plaza, an abandoned place that abuts the church.

plazaLooking across the plaza. A year or so ago, a tornado removed nine trees, a third of the total. The plaza is a block and a half from our Hacienda. Click on the photo to see the old man with the cane.

wallThe place on the left is a pool hall. Never seen it open. Maybe late nights.

gazeboBandstand built about 1904, but it was renovated about a decade ago. I remember.

shotThe first door on the left is where I pay my water bill. About $3.50 a month. It’s not metered.

zapateriaZapatería or shoe store. I’ve never seen anyone buy shoes there. The owner is a nice lady.

8 thoughts on “The neighborhood

    1. Bliss: Nope. Nothing is ever done with the bandstand. It just sits there, alas. The whole plaza sits there about as populated as you see it in the photos. The only exceptions are the eight or so times a year when they throw up a huge stage in the street abutting the plaza and blare music to the mountaintops till 2 a.m. or so. Those nights we sleep with silicone earplugs.


  1. Something I really like about Oaxaca is the bandstand in the zocalo is used for public concerts. Oaxaca is certainly different from your town in many ways but the zocalo is really a cool place to be when there is a concert.


    1. Carole: I’ve yet to visit Oaxaca. Maybe someday. I hope so. And I wish the bandstand in my neighborhood plaza were used for more than a decoration, but I doubt it ever will be.


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