The cluelessness of Barry


THE PERCEPTIVE among you might have noticed that I’ve not bashed Barry of late. That’s because I’ve mostly given up on him. He’s beyond redemption and, probably, the United States is beyond it too. Every great nation has its day in the sunshine, and that day has passed for America.

The 20th Century was its moment of glory. Gone now. Poof!

Lame-duck Barry recently asked, hilariously, for higher taxes and more government spending. Of course, the nation is already foundering in bloody red financial seas. And I see that Barry spoke at a “National Prayer Breakfast” yesterday where he said Christians — like Mohammedans — also have a horrific history.

The Crusades, you know. We’re just as nasty as they are.

Of course, the Crusades mostly ended in the 13th Century. The Mohammedans still live in the Middle Ages and, apparently, so does Barry at times.

The world faces murderous Mohammedan fanaticism, something Barry cannot even put into words.

And yet, something like 40 percent of Americans still think he’s doing a swell job.

It all reeks of the last days of Rome.

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* Perceptive cartoon was brought to my attention by Tancho.

16 thoughts on “The cluelessness of Barry

  1. The problem is not Seventh Day Adventist or Southern Baptist terrorist. But still, the left cannot or will not say “Islamic Terrorist.” They gladly mock Christians and Jews, but their wit fails them when it comes to Islam.


    1. Señor Gill: I’ve been knocking Mohammedans here for years. A good while back, a frequent commenter, a Canadian I know and who’s quite amiable in person but is also a hard-core fan of any and all labor unions and, even worse, a Castro apologist, in short, a hard-core lefty, would often try to counter my takes on Mohammedan brutality with long comments about how equally dreadful Christians have been. He, like Barry, was fond of pointing to the Crusades.

      He got so silly I had to put him on permanent moderation. He rarely comments any longer.


  2. The last days of Rome … aaah, yes Time to depart from Rome before the Huns enter.

    We have already found a haven, haven’t we? Maybe not a perfect one but better off than when the gates come crashing down.


    1. Señor Mystic: I am convinced that Mexico is a better place to live than up that-away. This likely is more true for those of us who don’t have to work for a living, but even then …


        1. Señor Cotton: As you know, the inimitable Mark Steyn recently pointed out that even if a Republican president is elected that will not change the American culture, which trumps everything. And the culture, at least the powerful parts — the parts that matter — that rule the educational system and other key components, is feminized, collectivist, left-wing and clueless.

          I remain pessimistic.


  3. It will be interesting to see how history will catalog your friend Barry. It is sad to see what he has done with regards to enforcement of law. His administration has singlehandedly rewound law enforcement’s ability to enforce laws that the citizens expected to be honored. We’ll see how that works out when 15 million more Democrats join the public teat.


  4. The last three American presidents have been superlative.
    Clinton was bad, Bush Junior was worse, and Obama is the worst.


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