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OLE FELIPE is a conservative of the non-church variety, primarily a libertarian.

When I vote in U.S. elections (from afar), I vote Republican not because I much care for the Republican Party. I decidedly do not. They get too hung up on religious matters when other issues are far more pressing. No, I vote GOP because it’s the not-Democrat party, the only viable alternative.

Most of my life, I voted Democrat, so I am a recovering lefty. No, that’s incorrect. I am fully recovered.

It’s trendy in some circles to say there’s not much difference between the GOP and Democrats these days. This is silly. If you think the United States would be the same today had McCain won in 2008 or Romney in 2012 as the America over which Barry runs riot, you are quite in error.

Polarization is at a fever pitch. If get your news (and most Americans don’t get news from anywhere) from The New York Times, HuffPost, Slate, Mother Jones, NPR, etc., you have one viewpoint, a wrong one, in my opinion.

If, however, you get your news from the same places I get mine, you will be well informed.

As a public service, here they are:

1. The Washington Times.

2. Breitbart (my personal favorite).

3. Fox online (not as good as the most-watched TV news network).

4. Truth Revolt (Ben Shapiro, one sharp, young Jew).

5. Townhall.

6. Free Beacon.

7. The Federalist.

8. Independent Journal Review.

9. The Daily Caller.

10. The Blaze.

Due to the nonsense emanating from Barry’s White House, plus the shameless collectivist cheerleading done by the corrupt, mainstream media, new conservative news sources are popping up all over, a great thing.

Remember: The best government is the government that leaves you alone most of the time.

8 thoughts on “Getting it right

    1. Ms. Shoes: I like the Spectator, but it’s not on my daily read list. It used to be. Not familiar with Rockwell. I see on his website that he’s “anti-war.” Yeah, good luck with that. Sultan Knish is on my website roll though I hardly ever read it. His posts are extremely long, plus the website simply looks depressing. I think it was you who first brought it to my attention. As for Prager, I love him. Used to watch his TV show in Houston every available afternoon. As for Alex Jones, I’ve now put him on my list. Gracias.


  1. I am a newsaholic and follow over a dozen different news sources every day, including Alex Jones. The trick is to stay informed and to keep your blood pressure low at the same time.


  2. I used to read and listen to most of those you have listed and then some. The problem that I had that all that information was way too depressing especially since you can’t do much about it, and that there were so many brainwashed people on the other side that added to the discomfort. Other than going postal, I see very little way to bring attention to the situation other than waiting it out another few years, but that I see even more daunting since the educational system in the states no longer teaches anything worthwhile other than condoms on cucumbers and how bad the country is, while making kids recite Muslim prayers.


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