A good drubbing

TO THE EVERLASTING shame of the United States and the clueless electorate that returned him to the White House in 2012, a blatant anti-Semite now rules from the Oval Office.

In this video Marco Rubio takes him, and — by extension — his starry-eyed fans, to the woodshed, verbally speaking. Barry has a reputation for eloquence, something that’s long mystified me (he’s actually quite wooden), but he pales in comparison to the senator from Florida.

I am a fan of Jews and Israel, the only democracy in its region, a place where women can walk free and all religions can be practiced, a place where you will not be stoned to death or beheaded or thrown from a high building for being gay, expressing a contrary opinion about faith, or murdered for marital infidelity if you’re female.

If you’re a man, well, that’s okay.

Most of the Middle East is a despotic Hellhole.

American university campuses in particular are infested with anti-Semites, both students and faculty, and so is much of Europe, a continent with a short memory. It’s pathetic. Let’s give a hand to Marco Rubio today.

10 thoughts on “A good drubbing

  1. A great speech by a man who understands the danger that Obama poses to Israel and to our own standing in the world as defenders of democracy. How dare Obama align the USA with those who would destroy Israel, or use American influence and tax dollars to interfere with the Israeli election. His backers know that they can divert our attention and shut down any criticism of Obama with charges of racism while they carry out their genocidal plans towards Israel. How in the world could the American people elect this man twice?

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    1. Bonnie: That he was elected a second time, in the face of all good sense, says far more about the obtuseness of the American people than it does about Barry.

      That he was elected in the first place, in 2008, is understandable even though I knew from the beginning what he was. That he was re-elected, well, the mind boggles.


    1. Señor Calpyso: I was a big Marco fan when his star began to rise a few years back. He is very, very sharp. But I, like many others, were very disappointed in him when he went wishy-washy on the illegal-alien issue. He’s tried to get himself back in good standing with smart folks. Perhaps he will or perhaps he won’t. Time will tell, as they say.

      Now I’m a Cruz fan.


  2. A nuclear weapon laid on Tel Aviv would also take out Ramallah, Jerusalem, Gaza and Amman. The Al Aqsa mosque would be destroyed. Beirut, Cairo, Damascus and Baghdad would have to deal with the fallout.

    A nuclear weapon is a totally inappropriate tool for such a small theater of war. If this weapon is not being crafted for use on Israel, who then is the intended recipient of it?

    I am afraid that would be you and me.

    Obama is not only throwing Israel under the bus; he is throwing us there also.


    1. Señor Gill: Barry is the worst president in U.S. history. There have been others who were next to useless, but there’s never been such a bad one in such perilous times.


        1. Señor Gill: When picking a president, peanut farmers and community organizers are perhaps not the best pools to scoop them out of. Interestingly (to me at least), my second ex-wife absolutely loathed Carter’s being in the White House. Yet now she’s a Barry fan. How do I know this? I peek at her Facebook page now and then.


  3. I don’t know, Felipe. I was going to parlay a few home truths here but it is your blog and, well, you live far from the madding crowd and you are looking at home through rose-tinted sunglasses!

    Your Buddy from the far side of the tracks rescued the country from destitution. Note no banker was harmed in this melee and all went home without such as a slap on the wrist! Unfailables failed or were allowed to sink below the waves along with the savings of those hapless folks who believed in the American way of hard work and a respectable retirement, leaving many homeless and broke.

    Now I know where your loyalties lie, but you see the rest of the world is not amused. They see that even when the next party gets in the whole rigmarole will start all over again and nothing will appear to happen again and why? Well, because it’s a party!

    Sadly, I think you are blinded by those party lights, but remember that those shining lights are the very same ol’ boys who are taxing and taking your hard-earned savings out of your savings account while you are not looking. Imagine a country of such immense wealth siphoning off the savings of its pensioners to keep the “party” going!

    Surely, you want more, a better healthcare system, not one dictated by the cronies of the good ol’ boys?


    1. Colm: You’re always welcome to parlay as many home truths as you wish. No problem.

      As for the U.S. healthcare system, it don’t make me no never mind. I’m outta there for keeps. And thank God for that.


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