Tip of April


WE’RE APPROACHING the edge of April, which — along with its friend called May — are customarily the warmest and dustiest months of our year here on the mountaintop.

Today’s item is primarily the photo, a view I noticed while sitting in the rocking chair with fruit juice after returning this morning from our 20-minute exercise walk around the nearby plaza.

A sharp eye will notice the Birds of Paradise and behind that is a teenaged bottle-brush tree with its red brushes, and beyond that are banana trees abutting the rock wall. I tossed in the parked car for a touch of modernity and high-tech. And then there’s that pole cactus and something I believe is a begonia, potted, on the right side. My father used to plant lots of begonias, so I’m not a fan.

Family conflict.

But there’s no conflict here today. There is color, cool air, happy thoughts and a sense of gratitude.

13 thoughts on “Tip of April

  1. As the Moon slips into Earth’s shadow it will undergo a total eclipse early Saturday morning April 4. The partial phases will span some 3 1/2 hours, but totality lasts less than five minutes. We are blessed with beautiful tropical foliage and many other things.

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    1. Angeline: That ole monkey has been on that stone wall for a long, long time, almost since the first day we moved into this house. I don’t recall clearly where we adopted him. I think it was up in Delores Hidalgo, but who knows? Now he’s a Mexican Mountain Monkey, and birds are fond of resting on his upturned tail. He never says a word.


  2. Nice photo composition. A conflict of sorts…
    The beauty of Birds of Paradise.
    Begonias, I like for their huge different colored leaves, and flowers (that one may need some water).
    Cactus – not too keen on, except for the flowering kind.
    In the end they all come together, in a unique way.

    I like the warm weather – is the big mercado open this time of year?


    1. Andean: As mentioned, I’m not a begonia fan. That is my lovely wife’s plant, and it very well may need water. Her attention sometimes wanders. As for cacti, I love them, and many do flower. And some have psychedelic qualities, another reason to love them.

      The big mercado on the plaza downtown is chockablock with vendors at this moment due to Semana Santa. It’s not as good as what they put up for the Day of the Dead, but it’s not bad.


  3. In November is cold on the mountain, no?
    But It seems with this erratic weather all over the world (it snowed here again just yesterday) who can judge the cold, or watering of plants.


    1. Andean: Actually, November is the very best month to visit here. People tend to think it would be Springtime, but that’s actually the worst period. In November a number of favorable factors appear all at once. The rains have ended. The world is still green (unlike Springtime) from the summer deluges. The overnight freezes of winter have not begun. In short, it’s cool, clear, green and lovely. Ideal.


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