Feminism takes it on the chin

soldierTHE MARINE CORPS, due to silly, perilous, namby-pamby political correctness, was strong-armed into letting the ladies enter its infantry officer course.

The results are in: Drum roll. All failed.

This is excellent news. I thought the Marines would simply dumb down the course to show how fair and touchy-feely they are. But no. It appears they applied the same standards as the men have long faced. Given that, the results were a no-brainer.

Women do not belong in the Marine Corps infantry, nor in the Army infantry. We are not all equal. The Army infantry, lamentably, does have women, and my heart goes out to their male companions. I pray for their survival. And this changes nothing.

American society continues its swirl down the drain of its dark destiny.

16 thoughts on “Feminism takes it on the chin

  1. I am afraid you have put your foot into a real landmine field. Nothing is as dangerous as the truth.

    Men have to be led into battle, not managed into it. Tell a man to run over there an shove this satchel charge into that pillbox, and he will do it. Tell a woman the same thing, and she will not do it, but instead tell you to get one of those guys to do it. She doesn’t want to get hurt.

    Our nation has made a lot of mistakes in the name of political correctness. This will come back to bite us in the future. Hopefully, us of the Flowmax generation will be gone by then.

    But I worry about the fate of my kids and grandkids.


    1. Señor Gill: I had to look up Flowmax, but I finally got it. I still flow okay, so …

      I’m not sure I agree with you that a woman would not shove the satchel charge into the pillbox. Most women would not, and many men would balk. But the kind of crazed woman who wants to be in the Marine Corps infantry would do it, I think. But other issues make women in the infantry a dangerous, lousy idea.

      As for worrying about my grandkids, I have none, and never will have any. So I’m set on that front.


  2. You and Mr. Gill are both correct. There are both mental/psychological and physical differences between the sexes. Vive la differences!

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  3. I went through OCS in 1982. I was in good shape, and it damn near killed me. Decided not to accept the commission (a decision I have often regretted). The USMC is no place for social experimentation or political correctness.


  4. We, as a society, need to figure out a way to solve our problems without violence. That is the root problem.


    Kim G
    Boston, Ma
    Where we think if women want to be soldiers, they should certainly meet the same standards as the men.


        1. Kim: Well, of course, no doubt about it. But violence and war will always be with us because there are nasty people in this world, far less reasonable folks than you and me. People who espouse “ending war” as an actual goal have cotton candy between their ears. Ain’t never gonna happen.


  5. I sometimes think that women are smarter than men. When I decided to join the service, I rejected the Marines and the Army as being too dangerous. I rejected the Navy and Coast Guard as being too far away from women. The only alternative was the U.S. Air Force.


    1. Andrés: I chose the Air Force because … well, I don’t remember why. I sort of recall that the only other option I considered was the Navy, and I did not want to go down with any ships. Drowning sounds unpleasant. I never set foot inside any recruiting office except the Air Force. Oddly, I never even once went up in an Air Force plane. I was strictly a ground grunt. I sat inside the cockpit of an F-106 often. On the runway. Does that count?


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