The young organizer

THIS RECENTLY discovered video shows the young Barry, in his mid-30s, delivering a talk on his book Dreams from My Father. It’s long, almost an hour, but well worth the watch.

It’s very revealing. It shows how very smooth the man is.  Of course, he’s long had a reputation for eloquence, something I utterly fail to see. I find him quite wooden. But here, not being president or even running for office, he’s more natural.

His racial conflicts are clear. A perceptive observer easily concludes that he’s not comfortable with having white grandparents. He obviously identifies with his black half, not the white. I have a theory about mixed-race people, especially when the two sides are such stark contrasts. My belief is that these people have a big bunch of inner turmoil.

Everybody wants to belong to a tribe, to feel they have “their people.” It’s our nature. This can be manifested in many areas, occupationally, economically, educationally, nationally and, of course, racially, perhaps the most blatant, certainly the most visually obvious.

My tribe is white Southern American Gothic, subset of educated and above-average smarts.

What is Barry’s tribe? Hawaiian, Indonesian, black, white, American, Kansan, Chicagoan? He seems not to know, but for whatever reason, he’s chosen the black tribe which comes with loads of baggage, especially in the United States.

This confusion led Barry into radicalism. He refers in the video to a man named Frank in Hawaii “who schooled me.” Frank, it turns out, was Frank Marshall Davis, an angry, black, journalist, poet and labor activist and, according to some, a communist. At least the FBI kept an official eye on him.

Barry’s life, as we all know but many choose to ignore, has lots of links to unsavory, left-wing, sometimes violent, extremists: Davis, Ayers, Alinsky, Wright, et al.

America these days is awash in racial and sexual conflict and adolescent attitudes. As America anguishes ad nauseam about who is racist and who is not, who is sexist and who is not, who is anti-gay and who is not, the shrinking world beyond its borders spins increasingly out of control.

This will end badly.

I’m reading Dinesh D’Souza’s informative book America: Imagine a World Without Her. Let’s look briefly at two words that D’Souza focuses on: guilt and theft.

America feels guilty about its slavery days.* This was the primary reason Barry was elected twice to the presidency. His economic policies are based on the leftist notion of theft. Wealth is a zero-sum proposition. The successful have what they have due to its being stolen from the less successful.

Thus, redistribution, “fairness” and the infamous “You didn’t build that remark.

To these people, wealth is not created. It is simply stolen. Indeed, Barry’s conflicted worldview runs counter to liberal democracy, wealth-creating capitalism, and liberty.

The video is an hour well spent. He’s mighty smooth.

* * * *

* Slavery has existed through most of history across wide swaths of the Earth, and it still exists today, especially in the Middle East and Africa. It was hardly a phenomenon restricted to the American South or even to white owners. Indeed, 19th century American slavery was enabled by African blacks who captured and sold rival Africans.

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  1. I think he almost said, in his intro regarding his parents, “Muslim American” instead of “White American.”


    1. Carole: I did not notice that. But I am not one of those who thinks Barry is a closet Muslim. I think he simply embraces the elitist, clueless, left-wing “love of mankind” and believes all Mohammedans deserve respect and can reasoned with in a sit-down chat around a campfire. During his first campaign, he voiced a similar silly notion in connection with Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chávez, which led the other, more realistic, Democrats chasing the party’s presidential nomination to roll their eyes in glee.

      Did not help them, however. Race and guilt trumped all.


      1. I will state the heretical view that his birth certificate is likely bogus. From my amateurish knowledge of PhotoShop it appears to have lots of irregularities. Don’t hold your breath for the media to investigate; these are the clowns that foisted the fake Bush letter on us.


  2. I thought we might be from the same tribe, Southern American Gothic. But upon further reflection I don’t think I qualify based on your description of that group. I’m just a generation out of the cotton mill village. Maybe my tribe is Southern Lint-head Gothic.


  3. Slightly off topic, but I played at a banquet last week for the 80th anniversary of the opening of the the Citgo Refinery here in Corpus Christi, TX. Citgo is owned by Petróleos de Venezuela. One of the speakers was the CEO, Nelson Martinez, a long time important figure in Petróleos. Also, across the bay from Corpus Christi, the Chinese are building a huge pipe manufacturing plant. ( These are confusing business/political times we’re living in.


    1. Paul: The world is growing smaller on one end, more perilous on the other, and the United States is perpetually fixated on who’s sexist and racist. And then there’s Barry.


  4. When you decide you don’t like someone you make Rush Limbaugh look like an amateur when it comes to spin.

    I’ve noticed that as people age they develop more conservative views, myself included, but when a USanian goes full-tilt Republican, there’s absolutely no salvation.

    In my recent two month sojourn to South Carolina I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic turnaround in the economy. Help wanted ads, more people driving new cars, more traffic, crowded stores. Still, the Republicans droning on about the economy. The way I see it, the top 1% may now only be earning $1.1 Billion per year each instead of $1.2, but overall, the average person is coming back well. I agree that in both Canada and the U.S. there is a lethargy about what is needed to keep our part of the world strong (in every way), but that is because education and development is taking a back seat to corporate profit, which is supported and fueled by government (not just the current one, all of them).

    While I’m on this rant, has anyone else had the thought that rather than chase our foes through mountains and deserts, we should just go to the factories that produce firearms, C4 and all of the other kinds of weapons,(many owned by legitimate Western companies) and punish them financially for their terrorism? People may kill people, but they do it with guns.


    1. Kris: I think people tend to grow more conservative with age because one gets wiser with age. Not always, but usually. And the only reason I vote Republican these days after a lifetime of being a Democrat is because it’s the only viable non-Democrat option. The Repubs have serious problems too, but far less so than the opposition. And as the popular phrase goes: I did not leave the Democratic Party. It left me. And that is true. Democratic principles have radicalized significantly in recent decades, most visible in the PC phenomenon it embraces so tightly.

      Corporate profit is a good thing. Corporations are good things. There are none in Cuba or North Korea, of course. See how that goes?

      True, guns kills people, as do airplanes hijacked by Mohammedans, nuclear devices, roadside bombs, knives, swords (great for beheadings), poison gas, tall buildings and cliffs for tossing gay guys overboard … ah, the list is long and depressing.


      1. I agree that corporate profit is a good thing. It is the heartbeat of capitalism, which I endorse, but there is responsible profit (sustainable if possible), and there is corporate greed. Corporate greed includes selling weapons directly or indirectly to terrorists, as well as polluting the air and water. If we don’t change our thinking in some big ways, the future, which we won’t be here to see anyways, is not too bright and rosy.


        1. I worry more about politicians trying to “help you” or make the world a better place. Perhaps 200 million graves are filled with the end results of these efforts. Bill Gates has less ability to ruin your life that the most petty government bureaucrat.

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  5. I partially agree with Kim, but I equate you with an Old Rooster kicking up the dust just because you like to see if people are thinking and not just reading. The world is changing, for sure, and the older we get, the less we like change. But it is inevitable. Go Hillary.


    1. Bob: Old rooster indeed. As for President Hillary, dream on, brother. No chance whatsoever. The bigger question is why you or anyone would want that Clinton dinosaur/battle ax (and not in a good way) in the Oval Office. Boggles the mind.


    2. P.S., Bob: Don’t know why you were sent to the moderation pile. Maybe because you change your name around so often, various versions of Bob. WordPress is very particular.


  6. Yes, I cannot believe people still think another Democrat will do us any good. They are so hostile to the business of the nation. The corporations provide the goods and services we all need. Even more important, they provide employment.

    When I hear someone use the term “corporate greed,” I know they know nothing of economics.

    Eventually, the Democrats will reduce us to the village economy where it takes a shoemaker a week to make a pair of shoes, but they will be so expensive no one in the village can afford to buy them.

    They say the economy is getting better, but do you know anyone that got a job that wasn’t a government sinecure?

    How many empty stores have been rented in the local mall?

    They cannot lie a depression away. The Democrats don’t realize or don’t acknowledge that we have become accustomed to and have accepted a government that we cannot afford.

    They rant about the one per cent or the two per cent whom they deem to be wealthy. Why should we care how much wealth others have? The Democratic party is based upon greed and envy.

    If they are so concerned about income discrepancy, let them come up with a product, manufacture it, sell it and become wealthy themselves.

    The truly wealthy now live in the Middle East and the Far East. They are far from our ability to tax.

    Hillary Clinton will be the death knell of our nation.

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    1. Señor Gill: “When I hear someone use the term “corporate greed,” I know they know nothing of economics.” Ain’t that the truth.

      Always amuses me to hear people knock corporations and then they go out, hop into their Chevrolet, drive to the Kroger for groceries, come home to fix dinner on the Whirlpool stove before kicking back to watch MGM movies on the Sony big screen.

      Though I cannot imagine (and statistics are with me) that Hillary would be the next president, she would not be anywhere as bad as Barry who is a true leftist and anti-American at that. Hillary simply wants to be president. I don’t think she is all that ideological. She just waaaaants to be president.


      1. I spoke of corporate greed, and I can assure you that I have a fair working knowledge of economics. When a $200 pair of Nikes costs $5 in material, 15 cents in labour, $12 in advertising, $10 in transportation, I think there is enough room in the profit to have those sneakers made in the US or Canada rather than Malaysia. Then the people who work in the plant have enough money to spend at Kroger. I don’t have a Masters degree in Business, but I retired at age 51, (15 years ago) from my own efforts, no government handouts or inheritance.


        1. … the negative view of profits that most people have is the cause of much mischief in the world and much poverty. Better to view the workings of politicians with a jaundiced eye. Knowledge of public choice economics has a way of opening one’s eyes to the reality of the world.


  7. I have always disparagingly called Barry “The Affirmative Action President” because I think that that is exactly what he is. The white people of the USA have a fixation with race that astounds me. The supposed guilt of prior slavery has managed to intimidate most white people and among collectivists being considered a racist is the ultimate sin. Better to be a mass murderer or pederast in their eyes. I imagine all this guilt helped elect Barry.


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