No good guys


RETURNING TUESDAY from a couple of nights in a jacuzzi-equipped suite overlooking the bay of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, we approached one of the toll booths that line the autopista from the Pacific coast to our mountaintop town.

The toll booth had been commandeered by a band of brats called Normalistas. This is fairly common. Some wore bandannas over their faces like old-school Mexican banditos. They ask for money. I gave them five pesos, which is about 35 cents, and I was waved on through.

These young people are students of a system called Rural Normal Schools, which began in the early 1920s as the Mexican Revolution was grinding to a bloody close. The schools officially are to train teachers, and they do that. But the sort of teachers you get is obvious from the photo above, which is one of the Rural Normal schools in the State of Guerrero.

In practice, these are communist training camps, trapped in a time warp.

The “student teachers” in these training camps often take to the highways for fund-raising. Commandeering toll booths is common, or they’ll simply set up a roadblock on any highway and ask for money. They are almost never threatening, but they are a nuisance. One of these communist training camps, er, I mean, schools, sits between the Hacienda and the state capital.

About 25 minutes away. If memory serves, it’s the only one in the entire state. Lucky me.

I must have passed through these roadblocks a hundred or more times. Unlike at the toll booths, the highway situations are not blocked. You just have to slow down to get past the mob. I have never donated a single peso, and never will. Other motorists do, which appalls me.

Whenever Normalistas want to go somewhere en masse, they simply stop a public bus, hustle the passengers off, and drive to their revolutionary event. To their credit, these actions are invariably nonviolent, and buses are later returned, but you still have to exit your bus.

Why don’t the cops do something, you might ask. Back in 1968, there was the Tlatelolco massacre in Mexico City. The blowback, both internationally and within Mexico, against the government was so severe that ever since, 47 years later, Mexican governments take a hands-off approach to “students.” Students can get away with pretty much anything now.

Not surprisingly, they take full advantage of that. As we passed through the toll booth, a federal highway patrolman nearby was leaning against his patrol car, playing with his cell phone.

A much-publicized event took place last year in the State of Guerrero in which a bunch of these kids, accustomed to getting away with whatever, decided to butt heads with some people with whom one should never butt heads: corrupt officials, cops and narcos in the badass State of Guerrero. As a result, 43 of the “education students” vanished from the face of the Earth.

Later, 28 or so torched bodies were found buried, most likely some of the Normalistas.

As Stalin once said: One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.  Or in the case of Guerrero, 43 deaths is a statistic. It’s hard to feel sympathy.

On one side, you have corrupt cops, officials and crooks. On the other side, you have young, spoiled, communists-in-training who will take up the “teaching” profession.

There are no good guys in this.

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(Note: Here’s an interesting news story from last year that gives a clearer picture of these “teaching schools” and their mindsets.

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  1. Interesting and enlightening. I infrequently comment on your blog, but have the email alert, so as not to miss any. Keeping us informed, educated and many times amused on many subjects is a great talent. Keep it up !

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  2. “The blowback, both internationally and within Mexico, against the government was so severe that ever since, 47 years later, Mexican governments take a hands-off approach to “students.” Students can get away with pretty much anything now.”

    Those words reminded me of the ineffectual mayor of Baltimore and her confusion about being a politician instead of a doctor, who should do no harm. I am always a bit leery of using any force. But not using it while confusing thugs with “social frustration” (as happens in Mexico) is a recipe for an inevitable over-reaction by authorities (formal or informal) in the future. It truly is sad.


    1. Debi: And thanks to you for passing by, as always. As for Vice News, I’m here to serve, which is far more than one can say about graduates of Rural Normal Schools.


    2. While Vice News can be interesting and informative, I find it a bit too “young” for my taste, which is to say too trendy, “with it” and too PC on many occasions.


  3. Everything the Progressives touch turns to s+++. Just look at Baltimore where Progressivism reaches its apogee.The black family was decimated by LBJ and now a large underclass has been created. All of this is for political gain. Blacks have been reliable Democrat voters. I guess Mexico has its own “progressives” which will turn the country to s+++ if they get control.


    1. Now take a deep breath, Wesmouch! You’re hyperventilating. Did you see in the news this morning that Hillary says that “criminal justice reform” is what’s needed to end these looting expeditions by the ghetto boys? Yes, it’s all the cops’ fault.

      Multiculturalism. It’s just grand.


  4. CNN and MSNBC will not be happy until they have incited a full-fledged race war. And that will be bad for everyone.

    Likewise, Mexico is sowing the seeds of further social disorder. This will eventually come back to bite them.


    1. Señor Gill: CNN and MSNBC are pathetic excuses for news outlets.

      As for us down here, this business of students being sacrosanct has been going on for almost half a century, nothing at all new. I do think most people are sick of it, and perhaps something will be done in the not-too-distant future. But it’s nothing new. It’s been biting us for quite a spell.


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