Another upper cut


IF THIS WERE not perilously threatening to national security, we could all burst out in howling laughter. We could even fall on the floor and roll around in a total giggle fit.

To what am I referring? The politically correct, feminist nonsense of wanting to put the ladies into hardcore military combat units that even most men can’t do.

Recently, I shared with you the news that 100 percent of applicants had flunked out of the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course. Every single one of the women was overwhelmed.

Today we learn that 100 percent of applicants washed out of the Army Ranger School in the first phase. That’s right. They never even made it to first base.

How much longer will it be before the famously and necessarily tough training in those two services is watered down to shove some ladies through to justify the collectivist and feminist delusion that women and men are cut from the same camouflage cloth? It won’t be much longer, I predict.

Police and fire departments have already done it. Shame on them.

The Russians and Chinese are not doing this. Certainly not the Mohammedans.

Let us weep, yet again, for a once great nation. And marvel at the silliness in which it swims.

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(Chuckle-laden Army photo by Pfc. Antonio Lewis via The Washington Times.)

8 thoughts on “Another upper cut

  1. Many people don’t realize that men are hunters. Women are gatherers. Men defend, Women tend the home fires and give birth and care for the young. Been that way for millennia. That is how our bodies and minds are designed. Men and women are not meant to be “equal” in body or mind. They are meant to be different. Does not mean one sex is better than the other. ¡Viva la diferencia!


    1. Good one, Señor Gill. And I think the woman in the photo here is trying to crow. She’s not doing a very good job at it. That very big dude she’s facing could rip her arms and legs off without even breathing hard.


  2. Sorry for the late comment. I agree totally with you regarding this subject. Although I find it interesting that the Israelis do incorporate females in their armed forces. Claiming that they do well in the specific areas they are used.


    1. Francisco: As I understand it, the Israeli military does not put women into direct combat. Perhaps they do when they’re caught between that rock and a hard place. That brings me to a second issue. Israel is a small nation totally outnumbered in its region of the world, surrounded by nations who want to see them all dead. Its situation is entirely different from that of the U.S. where there is utterly no need at all to put women in combat units. It’s purely a social issue, a dumb one at that. Absolutely inspired by militant feminism and political correctness.


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