The orchid run


A HUGE LIMB fell from an old, towering ash tree on the downtown plaza yesterday, luckily crushing no one passing on the sidewalk far below.

But the limb crashed to the sidewalk with a heavy load of orchids, and people swarmed rapidly, many with plastic bags, to take advantage of the freebie from Mother Nature.

By the time I walked by, not long after the fall, the limb had been picked clean, and workmen with saws were reducing it to manageable pieces for hauling away. The limb was really large.

I contented myself with the thought that I already had orchids living in the peach tree in my yard.

6 thoughts on “The orchid run

  1. Nice not to have been in the branch-fall-spot! That has happened a lot, it seems. Or at least it makes the news a lot. We have many white birch trees on our Canada property. The wood is soft and they struggle to gain height to get above taller trees but that makes them top heavy. And they are called widow-makers! Big wind takes them out.


  2. Felipe, Do orchid seeds just fall on the ash tree and settle there? Do the seeds fall on all trees? BDW, your orchid is beautiful!


    1. Elvira: I have no idea how those things get way up in the tree, about 30 or 40 feet high. The ones we have attached to our peach tree were purchased by my wife in the street market downtown. They were bulbs with some leaves sticking up, and we attached them to the tree with string. In time, they developed an array of grabbers that now keep them in their place.


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