Elly Maye speaks

MY BOY Bill O’Reilly predicted recently, while a guest on a late-night talk show, that Hillary would be the Democratic presidential nominee next year “unless she’s in jail.”

The jail remark was a humorous add-on, so he was actually saying Hillary will be the nominee, and he’s probably correct. Hillary, of course, is an aging Democratic Party dinosaur hanger-on whose actual accomplishments in public life are almost entirely nonexistent.

Even her fans can’t name anything of substance. She is Bill Clinton’s wife, and that’s about it.

In contrast to the dinosaur Hillary is this cute gal in the video, whom I like very much.

16 thoughts on “Elly Maye speaks

  1. She speaks a lot of truth and mixes it nicely with humor. And it helps that she is very easy on the eyes 🙂 count me in as a new fan of hers too!


    1. Carole: How true. Let me count the ways. Charles Krauthammer amused me some weeks back when he said that Hillary’s main claim to fame was just “Hillaryness.”


  2. Like her attitude, however, to quote Uncle Joe, “It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes.” Last I heard, the votes aren’t even being counted in the good old USofA any more. So, in my opinion, we need to take a step backwards and the votes are counted at the county level. Then published in the local paper and maybe posted on the county courthouse doors.


    1. Judy: Would that be Uncle Joe Biden or Uncle Joe Stalin? The latter, I imagine. Oh, they count votes in the U.S. except perhaps in Chicago.

      Regarding your “step backwards,” the voting process you describe is very similar to how we do it here in my neck of the woods. The vote totals for my neighborhood are written on poster paper and connected to a wall on one side of the plaza a block and a half down the street. It’s fun to walk by there the next morning and see how my neighbors voted.


  3. The babe in the video is a lot better looking than the hag Hillary. Hillary, remember her: traded commodities with a convicted felon, was partner with a convicted felon, worked for a convicted felon and her daughter married the son of a convicted felon.


    1. Wesmouch: May I then conclude you are not a fan? Hillary’s appeal totally eludes me. She’s ridden entirely on Slick Willy’s coattails, and she utterly lacks his considerable charm. Why are they apparently going to nominate this woman?


    1. Don Cuevas: Me either till yesterday. Found the video on a Dinesh D’Souza link on Facebook. But now that I know of her, I am in love with her. If I were 40 years younger and unattached, I’d ask her out for a malt and movie.


  4. My, my…the Hillary-bashing has begun…and we’re still almost 18 months out…are you ready to bet yet another cafecito on the next election? (Even though I have yet to collect on the previous two…)


    1. Charles: So you favor the old, corrupt dinosaur. I am not surprised. Sure, come on over, and I’ll make good on my previous election debts, which were caused by misplaced optimism on my part in the average IQ of the American voter.

      History is not with you this time. Only once, perhaps it was twice, in American history has a president of one party immediately followed a president of the same party who has served two full terms. People like change at that point. That tidbit, combined with Hillary’s growing corruption problem (do you ever see that mentioned on your information sites, Huffpost, Mother Jones, Salon? Bet not.) will be very much against her next year. That, plus the fact that she’s never really done anything except be Bill’s wife.

      However, in a bizarre parallel universe in which she perhaps wins, Hillary would still be a huge improvement over Barry. Hillary is not really into redistribution and socialism as Barry certainly is. He is a true believer, a PC prince, which is why he is so perilous to the Republic. Hillary just wants to be president. And she’ll say whatever it takes. She wants cash. She wants power. She wants fame. She wants to be able to tell Slick Willy: How about this, big boy? I’m the top dog now. Payback for Monica Lewinsky and all the other broads. And she does not harbor a warm spot in her heart for Mohammedans, as does Barry. She’s all about herself. We’ve had presidents like that before, and the Republic rumbles on. Yes, she would be far better than Barry.

      But Ted Cruz would be a thousand times better than her.


  5. I don’t necessarily favour the old, corrupt dinosaur…at this writing I feel that the candidate we are seeing is an act…pure and simple…albeit a fairly good one. Hillary has wanted the presidency even before her husband was elected…and as you say, she will do and say whatever it takes to seize it.

    Speaking of redistribution and socialism, Bernie Sanders has my vote at this point…he speaks truth without flinching…he has an uphill battle for sure, but I wouldn’t count him out just yet. The Clinton machine is well-oiled and has been since her defeat in 2008…it will be difficult for anyone, much less anyone currently on the Republican clown bus, to stop her at this point.

    Poor Jeb is unraveling on a daily basis and he hasn’t even formally entered the race yet. Ted Cruz? Maybe for mayor of Cincinnati…but even that’s a stretch…

    Que tengas un buen fin…and don’t let your child bride catching you checking out the babes while pretending to read your Kindle…the wrath of a Mexican lady scorned is not pretty!


    1. Charles: I’m no Jeb fan. We need another Bush in the White House as much as we need another Clinton.

      Bernie Sanders would be a fine Democrat candidate, an admitted full-blown socialist. I hope they nominate ole Bernie. Why, he could fly a red flag in the Oval Office. Wouldn’t that be great? It’s a political philosophy and economic system that has worked so very well around the world.


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