No sweat


LIFE INCLUDES worries large and small. With luck, just the small. And with astounding good fortune, even if it lasts only a brief spell, no worries whatsoever. I am in that sweet spot.

So here I sit on a beautiful, large plaza in the middle of Mexico, high in the mountains in cool mid-May, nary a care in the world. An espresso rests on the table while I watch the beautiful women pass, at times glancing at my Kindle, where I am reading, now and then, a good book.

I had small worries earlier this year, constructing the pastry workshop, renovations to the downtown Casita, piddling other things, the stuff of life. But at the moment … nothing.


Across the cobblestone street, where the plaza rests, are towering trees and three grand fountains where youngsters sit on ledges to flirt and snap photos of themselves, the ubiquitous selfies.

Small speakers sit low and mostly unseen all around the plaza, releasing music. If you’ve ever wondered how life would seem with a musical backdrop — like in the movies — come sit here on a stone bench or walk the broad sidewalk, and you’ll understand.

A parade passes, or what passes for a parade hereabouts. Usually, it’s a small, out-of-tune band, lots of women and girls in indigenous dress carrying clay pots to indicate their support role in life, and they sashay this way and that down the street. There are men on horseback. Today’s parade includes an old, wooden, two-wheeled cart pulled by a pair of oxen. The cart holds a statue of the Virgin.

They curve right at the next corner and continue toward the smaller plaza, their sounds diminishing. All parades here are pretty much alike — frequent, colorful and out of tune.

I look down at my Kindle and miss a beautiful woman walking by.

8 thoughts on “No sweat

  1. There is a Hygienic Café in New London Ct. — at least there was 40 years ago. I am in the Midwest, sorting through boxes from a previous life and getting a house ready to sell. I love spring storms, the lakes and rivers, the breezy evenings. Nevertheless, I an anxious to finish this and get back to Mexico.


    1. Bonnie: House to sell, eh? Buena suerte. I’ve been thinking a lot recently of whether I will ever set foot in the United States again, or if I even want to. I own nothing there. I have only two relatives still breathing, and neither has much interest in seeing me, so …

      I’ve even gone so far as to consider not renewing my U.S. passport when it expires next year. My Mexican one will get me anywhere I want to go, aside from the U.S. I’ve not been above the border since early 2009, and from what I hear it’s not improved since then.


    1. Señor Gill: Far better than the last one that we had four years. It did not work worth warm spit. This new one is dicey, but it works more often than not. Sometimes it makes water so hot that it’s necessary to floorboard the cold tap to calm the hot down. Other times, it’s warm enough to bathe comfortably. Sometimes, it goes on siesta. When that happens, it’s a simple matter to switch to the gas heater, which can be done quickly by turning two knobs. I wish it were perfect, but I’m still pretty happy with it.


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