Kindness to birds

birdNO VISIT TO San Miguel de Allende is complete without a drive north to Dolores Hidalgo, one of Mexico’s primary sources of talavera ceramics.

We purchased a few items during our recent San Miguel Holiday, and here you see the major attraction, a bird bath.

This is quite a leg up for our birds. For years, they had a bath on this very spot. It was a carved, rotted tree trunk with a dull, brown ceramic bowl sitting on top. Nothing to look at, but the birds loved it.

The beautiful baby costs the peso equivalent of just 30 bucks, one of the best reasons to visit Mexico and Dolores Hidalgo if you’re hunting lovely, ceramic things. I hope the birds find it to their taste.

14 thoughts on “Kindness to birds

    1. Señor Cotton: Yep, I like it. Put it out there yesterday morning, and I’ve yet to see a bird in it. I have not looked today. But they’ll come around. Must be a big shock, the colors and all. I wonder if birds see colors.


    1. Christine: Been over 24 hours now, and I’ve still seen no bird in it. They’re out and about, on the ground around it, but nobody has worked up the nerve to dive in. In time, I guess. Of course, due to the rains, there are lots of other options in the street, puddles, etc. They don’t have those choices in the dry season.


  1. A great price, I’m so envious! Nice and sturdy and I know you’ll enjoy many pleasant days watching the birds splashing in it.


    1. Bliss: Yes, the price surprised me. In the U.S., you’d pay a couple hundred or more for that thing. I always roll my eyes on seeing people write that Mexico is not the bargain it once was. To a large degree, it is still.


    1. Carole: You think so, and I think so, but so far — 30 hours after putting it there — I haven’t seen a single bather. Of course, I’m not looking most of the time. I think, however, that when one makes the dive, others will follow.


      1. If it’s dry enough, you bet the birdies will be frequent customers. After four years of drought we have too much rain now but I will never complain. When it was dry and hot we always kept several informal containers with water in them for the birds. We have big mature live oaks all over the yard so each spring there is another generation being raised high up by several different kinds of birds.

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    1. Angeline: I had not thought of that. It must be the problem. Tomorrow I will print out a sign, staple it to a short pole and stick it into the ground right beside the new bath. It will say something like: Upgrade, but no price increase.

      I’m sure that will do it because I still have not seen one bird taking advantage of this lovely opportunity. They must think they are economizing by detouring to the yucky puddles in the streets.


  2. That’s a beauty of a birdbath, and I have to say, I’m shocked by the price. Even by Mexican standards, I think you got a deal.

    It also reminds me of your painted furniture. Are you sure you didn’t have a hand in making it?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we really need to get a birdbath. So sick of dirty birds.


    1. Kim: The great price was assisted in part due to the great exchange rate. I paid 450 pesos, which is 30 bucks or a bit less. Even at the exchange of 12-1, which we were at for quite a spell, it would have been about $37. And the birdbath is hand-painted! My going to the source, Dolores Hidalgo, helped quite a bit. I got it at the very place that made it. Had it been shipped elsewhere in Mexico, I would have been charged more, of course. Had it been exported to a store in the U.S. God knows what I would have paid.

      Yes, it does resemble my painted furniture. As for your dirty birds, give them a bath!

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