Beanies and Bedlam

THE FORMER freckled blonde and current soul sistah named Rachel Dolezal has been all over the news due to her identifying.

In olden and saner times, Dolezal would be tied to a table at Bedlam, but these days she’s on television, an international celebrity feted as though she were not actually sporting a beanie with propeller.

beanieDolezal is the latest example of the fad of identifying, something quite popular among youth, the leaders of tomorrow.

No matter if you’re born a boy, you can always change teams tomorrow or the next day. What does it matter if your hair is blonde? You can frizz it, overstay at tanning salons and proclaim your African roots, maybe even get voted president of the NAACP somewhere.

It’s fun to watch America from my Mexican mountaintop, and I rejoice I’m not elsewhere, above the Rio Bravo.

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  1. I was wondering when you would opine on this odd bit of news. Why aren’t we all applauding just as the American public lauded Bruce/Caitlyn? Our nation doesn’t adhere to Judeo-Christian beliefs anymore, one being that people are created by God with a body and soul. God gave me my body which will be resurrected as a physical being. Denying one’s own body such as it is won’t satisfy an empty soul.


    1. Laurie: I wrote a lengthy draft on this ridiculousness on Monday. Then I sat on it. Then yesterday I deleted it. This morning, weighing in on this situation, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar opined that there was no such thing as race at all, which is arrant nonsense. So I decided to write something again, but I made it brief.

      University campuses, with some exceptions, are like the island of Lord of the Flies.

      Many Americans still adhere to Judeo-Christian beliefs, but they are not the Americans wielding power, and they almost never resort to shouting down opposing opinions as do the Lords of the Flies, also known as collectivists.*

      Again, I’m happy to be below the border where I identify as a Mexican.


      * All collectivists are not Lords of the Flies, but all Lords of the Flies are collectivists. Just so you non-Fly collectivists don’t get your panties in a pinch. I love you. You are big-hearted but hopelessly naive.

      But the fact that the Lords of the Flies are on your team should give you pause, lots of it.


  2. I’ve been self identifying as a retired millionaire for years, but it never gets me any money and I still have to go to work every day. What am I missing?

    Have a great Wednesday, Felipe!


    1. Mike: Here is what you’re missing. You’re a white dude self-identifying as a millionaire. Doesn’t work. Nobody is on your side. At least one side of the equation has to be “oppressed.” You’re out of luck, buddy.

      You have a good Wednesday too. All of mine are great.


  3. So what, Elizabeth Warren has been saying she is Native American for years. She doesn’t look like any Indian I ever knew.

    Hillary Clinton uses the supposed correct accent for whatever locale she seems to find herself. She Identifies as being poor despite all of those speaking fees and fabulous houses they own. She is a chameleon and a fraud. Her husband is a pervert who fancies himself God’s gift to everyone.

    I identify as a cranky, old man.


    1. Señor Gill: In the original, considerably longer, draft of this post I got into the Faux Squaw Warren issue. Warren did it to get a leg up due to Affirmative Action. It is, of course, a complete lie.

      Dolezal is different. She is a mental case.

      And I salute your self-identification as a cranky, old man. You wear it well.


  4. Ha! I have to say the comments to this post were as entertaining as the post.

    Is it just me, or does it appear people are working harder and harder at being sensationally crazy in hopes of getting fifteen minutes of fame?


    1. Bev: I don’t think Dolezal wanted this fame — at least before it fell into her lap. She just wanted to be a soul sistah blazing progress for her people, oppressed blacks. I bet she’s enjoying her time in the sun now, however. Might even make her skin a little darker.

      She’s Loony Tunes.


  5. I agree completely, Felipe … watching the show from this side of the border with great hilarity. What’s next? Michael Jackson will be declared as a white cracker and maybe a refined Southern belle twirling his parasol on the veranda. I’m sure he would want to be remembered that way.


    1. Señor Mystic: Also in the original, much longer, draft of this post I noted the similarity with the bozo Michael Jackson. Main difference, of course, was that Jackson wanted so very badly to be white, and Dolezal wants very badly to be black.

      I — like you — just want to be Mexican. And we are.

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  6. Mexico still has its race issues. While most Mexicans identify themselves as being brown, members of the ruling class have very light complexions, and all Mexican presidents since Miguel de Madrid (1982-1988) – with the exception of Nieto, have all attended either Harvard or Yale. They are all collectivists and globalists, and gladly sell out Mexico to the highest bidder.


    1. Andrés: I don’t think any Mexican president is or has been a collectivist with the possible exception of Lázaro Cárdenas. And I don’t think they sell out Mexico to any bidder. But they have all raked it in during their terms of office. After all, what is politics about in any nation?


  7. The “real” story here is too “non-PC” to print, and frankly, I’m surprised *you* didn’t print it.

    To me, the real story is this. The NAACP (though not explicitly, since she resigned) got rid of someone due purely to race. Right? It wasn’t like she breezed into town and named herself local chapter president of the NAACP. She was elected. And she was elected because she had done good work with the chapter over time, and members supported her.

    And now? She’s the wrong race, so she has to go. Her efforts? Don’t matter.

    To me, that’s the *real* story. If a “white” organization did this to a person of questionable “black qualifications”, there’d be rioting in the streets. But this way? It’s all OK.

    Yes, I realize she misrepresented herself, but race is a very unclear issue, and certainly not something scientifically measurable. There’s no way, for example, to determine someone’s race via a DNA test. NPR did a one-hour weekend special on this about a year ago, and it was fascinating. There’s no way to determine race via a DNA test. Yes, you can trace your genetic history to some extent, but race is a social construct, not something genetic. There was also a story in the news not too long ago about a supposedly black man who had lived his entire life as a black man and looked like a black man, but a DNA test revealed that he had ZERO African ancestry. He was a dark guy with kinky hair, but not of African descent. The DNA test caused him an identity crisis, but it didn’t really change anything except his self-conception.

    So this whole Rachel Dolezal controversy is hypocrisy 101 in my opinion. The NAACP should be delighted there are white people who are so determined to work hard for their cause that they “go undercover.” But instead, it appears to be unacceptable.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we still think Mexico comes out ahead in any contest of locura.


    1. Kim: Caucasians and Asians get discriminated against daily these days, but nobody takes to the streets about it because it’s socially acceptable. Of course, the NAACP let her go (she “resigned”) because she turned out not to be black.

      As for race being a social construct, phooey, I say. It is genetic. There are gray areas, of course, like Malcolm X and Barry Obama who have irons in two fires, but Mike Tyson is black, and you are white.

      Race is physical appearance, and genes determine that.

      I saw a good piece today about George Will who recently pointed out that “Liberals” have become so enamored of saying everything is a social construct, not a scientific fact, that they can invent their world in any way they wish. And they do.

      NPR. Why am I not shocked?


      1. I guess “fiscal responsibility” is one of those “social constructs” that the right uses to construct their own fantasy world too, then? All those tax cuts that actually increase government revenues?

        By the way, Mexico is the perfect example of why race is a social construct. Few people in Mexico are of either pure European or pure indigenous heritage, i.e., most people are a mix. So they have genetic material from both Europe and elsewhere. How does that constitute a race? Where’s the line between black and white? The old, Jim Crow south believed that one drop of African blood made you black, but most today reject that notion.

        The sheer imprecision of this issue means that it cannot possibly be scientific, but is in fact a social, cultural construct. Full stop.

        And as I showed in my original comment, it causes people to behave in strange ways.


        1. Kim: You’ll surely not get me to defend the current U.S. government. It’s a mess made by both parties.

          And race exists, of course. And there’s been plenty of mixing as the world grows smaller, but that does not mean race does not exist in its pure forms in many zones.

          And Jim Crow is alive and well. People do not reject it. It’s simply been redefined. One drop of “black blood” made you black in the old days, and that was bad. Today, thanks mostly to the leftist PC crowd, one drop of “black blood” or at least enough to make you look kinda black, as Barry does and Malcolm X did, makes you black still, and that is good these days. Jim Crow has been turned on his ear. We live in a goofy world. Well, in the U.S. at least. We Mexicans don’t subscribe to that Jim Crow stuff. It’s purely an American thing.

          Cultural construct indeed. Ah, you people. And gender is totally in the eye of the beholder too. Color me amused.


  8. Sr. Felipe,

    OCTAVIO PAZ: A Mexican’s face is a mask, and so is his smile.

    Don’t we all wear masks? Maybe the freckle faced blonde mask didn’t fit too well. Perhaps Ms. Dolenzal found her black mask to be more comfortable. Particularly, as it seems to appear, her parents had adopted other black children.


    1. Señor Joseph: Nobody’s saying there were no black people in her life. She was divorced from a black guy. Her kids look more black than white by a long shot.

      None of which detracts from the basic fact that this woman has some serious “issues.” She ain’t black.


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