Slandering of America

BEEN FOLLOWING the news lately?

If you have, you’ve no doubt heard, time after sickening time, that America is a nation steeped in “white supremacy.” That accusation is being tossed about liberally, pardon the expression, by people who desperately want to denigrate the U.S. and our history.

To them, Dylann Roof is far more than an evil psycho who slaughtered innocents in a Charleston church. He is, to America-bashers, a natural consequence of our “white supremacist” culture — driven to kill by his hatred of blacks and his love of the Confederate flag.

The misguided people using Charleston to denounce America should answer a simple question: Why are so many “people of color,” to use that trendy phrase, clamoring to move to the U.S.? Are they ignorant, masochistic or blind? Perhaps all of the above?

flagNever mind the tens of millions of Mexicans who have found their way north. What about the immigrants from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other black nations in sub-Saharan Africa?

According to a report put out by the pro-immigration Migration Policy Institute, “Black Africans are among the fastest-growing groups of U.S. immigrants.” In fact, the number of blacks moving from Africa to the U.S. doubled over the past decade.

Again, why are they so eager to come to a country where “white supremacy” rules? It would be akin to black Africans migrating to South Africa in the heyday of Apartheid.

These black immigrants are living proof that many on the left are flat-out lying about America. Lying on a nightly basis, lying with impunity, lying without any fear of being challenged by our sniveling, cowardly media.

Our opinion-shapers deserve credit for accomplishing something truly astounding. Thanks to them, it is now considered racially insensitive to describe America as a “land of opportunity.” If you want respect and tenure at a prestigious university, forget that “opportunity” stuff and start talking about “white supremacy.” Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Consider a few of the ridiculous statements put out by academic types on national TV over the past week. “We are a society that values white people over people of color.” … “We are mired in prejudice and racism.” … “The source of the problem is white supremacy.”

The hosts and the anchors tend to nod in passive agreement, terrified of challenging the slander and thus being accused of racism themselves. Yes, we have reached a very strange point where running down your own country is considered a badge of honor, a sign of intelligence and sophistication.

This shameful episode is more proof of the adage put forth by ol’ Mark Twain: “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Well, right now the truth is standing in its bare feet while a bare-faced lie is being spread around the globe.

The truth is evident to most clear-thinking Americans. Our nation, like all others, is flawed. Many of our forefathers condoned slavery, brutalized American Indians, and looked the other way when racial discrimination was codified by law.

More truth: There are still anti-black bigots in the U.S., but it is a grotesque lie to claim the country is defined by them. They wield little influence and power; they are generally dismissed as solitary losers. Even when one of them, namely Dylann Roof, takes out his gun and becomes a terrorist.

Roof’s carnage inspired the very best in many precincts. There was the immediate and incredible willingness of many Christians, particularly black Christians, to offer forgiveness. The act of terror also brought out America’s worst — the politicians and pundits who seem almost gleeful now that they have another opportunity to diminish this country.

When it comes to race and America, not only do many on the left see the glass as half-empty, they’re certain it’s about to fall and small into thousands of shards that will injure people. And most of the victims will, of course, be minorities.

Sadly, the race hustlers and liars are winning the war of words right now. They will continue to win unless and until truth-tellers fight back. Yes, we may get labeled bigots or worse, but the truth is on our side: This is the greatest, most welcoming and most diverse country in the history of the planet Earth.

The U.S. remains a land of opportunity. But don’t ask an Ivy League humanities professor about that. Ask a Nigerian cab driver or a Kenyan scientist. They know the real truth about the United States of America.

* * * *

The above is The Unseen Moon’s first-ever guest column. It was authored by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News.

19 thoughts on “Slandering of America

  1. I graduated from Robert E. Lee HS in San Antonio. Guess who wants to change its name to something that would be better for America? Julian Castro, former mayor of SA, recently elevated to the post of Secretary of HUD under BHO.


    1. Carole: I unintentionally hit the publish button, but I was nearly finished. You may not have read to the actual bottom of the post. It is not mine.

      I knew this was going to happen. The publish and draft buttons are directly beside one another, and they switch positions now and then. Incredibly bad design.


      1. Yes, that would be the Mexican Mafia who was shocked. Others are glad to have her in charge, a great change from past dynasty office-holders.

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  2. What I am seeing lately is a move by the Uber-Left that is eerily similar to the Maoist Cultural Revolution in the ’60s to ’70s.

    Occupations, thoughts, words, historical treasures are being “cleansed” by the left. If one does not agree, or toe the party line, the penalty is increasingly severe. Sure, the left isn’t killing people, directly anyway.

    But ask a cop about the increased risks to society during this thought police wave, ask a grocer who isn’t the right skin color selling on the wrong side of the tracks if HIS life matters as well, ask the unemployed father of two, who has no meaningful way of acquiring a trade, who’s only sin is that he was born white, what this government can do for him. I could go on.

    What was once a source of recognized art is being “cleansed” (Gone With The Wind), the Memorial to our possibly greatest president is being questioned (Jefferson), and the greatest threat to our nation has been identified as far-right-wing groups (Tea Party, etc.).

    We are living the old Chinese proverbial curse in real time; May you live in interesting times.

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    1. Mark: This Chinese Cultural Revolution analogy had never occurred to me, but I do see similarities now that you mention it. Dunce caps are not being put on professors before parading them through the streets while being whipped with wooden canes, well, not just yet, but it’s starting to smell that way. Just professors, of course, who do not think correctly.

      I’m, yet again, glad to not live in your country. Alas, what happens in your country affects the whole world.


  3. Funny how you and Old Bill seem to pontificate in like-minded curmudgeonly similar speech…;-)


    1. Mark: I agree with ole Bill on most things but not everything. He’s wrong about the causes of illegal Mexican immigration, and he says our president’s name incorrectly (thinking it’s just Nieto), and he favors the continued war on drugs, and his Catholicism leads him to stances I do not share.

      But on most stuff, he’s quite correct.


  4. I just got an idea about how to solve this in pure Hollywood style. Ben Affleck wanted to hide his ancestry because it included someone who was a slave owner. Let’s remove Ben Affleck.

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    1. Carole: The collectivists paint themselves into some uncomfortable corners now and then. Affleck trying to sweep his slave-owning ancestors under the rug, and Faux Squaw Warren feigning Red Skin genes to get a little affirmative action thrown her way.

      You just gotta cackle at times.


  5. Is any of this any different from ISIS’ destruction of antiquities?

    In 2040, when whites become a minority in the US, will they be eligible for affirmative action?

    At least I know that the buttons from some relative’s Confederate war uniform and my Negro dolls will be safe here in Mexico.

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      1. They got a situation going on in Southern Belize with the Maya who have maintained settlement of their heritage land in the Toledo District for who knows how long. A man wanted to move into the district and erect a house on leased land (his lease granted by the national government) and the Maya don’t want him there. Know why? ‘Cause he’s box…….bosh……….black in Maya.


        1. Carole: Now I don’t believe this story for a moment because everybody knows it’s totally impossible for a nonwhite to be racist. Completely out of the question.


  6. It is pretty hard to keep up with the politically correct term for some people. When I was a kid, we had an old guy who lived with us. He didn’t see very well, and he wasn’t very literate. So, it was my chore to read the newspaper and “Police Gazette” to him every day.

    Back then, when someone was mentioned in the paper, if they belonged to that certain race, a small (c) was placed after their name.

    The term was “colored.” Now that sounds dangerously close to the current term “person of color.” Do we dare use that term? My mother used the term “colored,” but my father had another word that was used in the South. My mother forbid us to use that word. But then again, she also forbid us to use the term “gringo” because she thought that was a pejorative term.

    Searching for an acceptable term, whatever you do, do not say “you people.” That will really get one in a lot of hot water.


    1. Señor Gill: Down here in ole Mejico, there are Gringos who think that Gringo is pejorative. I imagine every one of them is a collectivist because taking offense is much more common in that group.

      But the fact is that Gringo is simply what Mexicans call Americans. It can either be negative or positive. Tone and/or context decides. Usually, it’s simply what they call us, period, and they’ve called us that for a very long time. Normally, it means nothing bad or good. It’s just an adjective.

      Sometimes Gringos down here will tell you it refers to any foreigner. They’re wrong on that one too. That mistake occurs because most Mexicans rarely can tell the difference between a Gringo and a Canadian or a Brit or even a Frenchman or a Russian. But when they use the word, they’re thinking of Americans.

      As for using “you people,” I enjoy doing it just for fun. Collectivists get their panties in a twist. Conservatives don’t really care one way or the other, which is what makes us so much easier to get along with. Nicer people, really.


  7. Your argument contains a logical flaw or two. Is it not possible simultaneously that the situation for people of color in the USA is not where it should be, yet is *way* better than it is for said Somalis, Haitians, Mexicans, etc. back in their own home country?

    And yes, I am in agreement with you that the far left — a minority in America that’s probably as small as the far right — is off their rockers, at least as much as is the far right. Yet the fact remains that while there’s increasing opportunity for minorities in America, there’s also still a lot of racism and homophobia that impedes peoples progress in a way that it shouldn’t.

    The inescapable fact is that Dylann Roof, driven by racial hatred, went specifically to a well-known black church and murdered people specifically because they were black. He wasn’t some random serial killer that was merely psychopathic, killing people at random. He was driven by racial hate. And that hate is *still* a problem in the USA, and to deny otherwise is to deny the facts.

    The lowering of the confederate flag by various levels of government is far overdue. But in my opinion, for Wal*Mart, Amazon, and others to stop selling the flag is simply ridiculous. Though I fully disagree with anyone’s desire to personally fly or post such a flag, I fully support their right to do so, even as I question their motives.

    Finally, I’d note that racial prejudice and homophobia are subtle things. Many, many people act subconsciously in homophobic or racist ways without really meaning to. I’ve certainly suffered in my life from homophobia, both blatant and knowing, and also from people acting homophobically without ever even realizing it.

    Casting aside both the far right and the far left, there’s a wide center of people of good faith in America which wants to see our nation rise to fulfill the ideals of equality on which it was founded. And that broad, centrist view believes that in many cases the are still problems of racism that need to be faced and dealt with.

    I think they’re right.


    1. Kim: “People of color” in America have the same legal rights as everyone else. They are not oppressed. Haitians and Somalis in their home countries are, of course, well, Haitians for sure. Somalia is a basket case in general. And we Mexicans are not oppressed either.

      And there is no more racism or homophobia in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Far less, I would bet. No real way to gauge that, however.

      Dunno why your comment was sent to the moderation line. I did not do it. Sorry. Sometimes, high tech fails us.

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