Censored and banned

WITH THE overreaching Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is constitutional (the Constitution mentions anything related to gay marriage?) WordPress, like a number of other online outfits — Tumblr, Facebook, etc. — decided to fly the Gay Pride flag in riotous multicultural celebration.

The blowback was immediate and extreme on their forum, which I imagine caught the zealous, politically trendy, high-tech boys and girls who run WordPress completely by surprise.

flagPeople oppose gay marriage?! How is it possible?

They were flummoxed.

Did they realize their faux pas and zap the flag? Did they apologize and state that the flag’s appearance was temporary, which appears to be the case? Did they open their diversity-loving hearts to contrary opinions?

Answer: Not on your life, Bub.

They began closing the forum threads that complained and banning posters who wrote or supported them. This is akin to the outrage that a commencement-speaking invitation to Bill O’Reilly or any conservative would confront at New York University or Columbia.

Following is the forum post that got me — yes, me — banned:

I’m picturing a WP staff meeting of the top honchos. I see a group of gals and guys, most if not all Millennials, all tech-savvy, natch, and the door is shut, creating an echo chamber which, of course, means their own, identical ideas are always heard over and over again. Other ideas — contrary notions — do not intrude. If one does bust in somehow, everybody screams in unison to drown it out.

This means they assume their concepts, beliefs and ideals are universal.

One of these ideas is that gay marriage is a great thing. It never occurs to any of them that a contrary idea exists. Oh, they know that evil people out there, mostly in fly-over country, folks who chew tobacco and cud and intermarry with cousins, do not believe in gay marriage, but they dismiss these people out of hand as of no importance whatsoever. Surely, none of those hayseeds are WP customers.

Another idea that bounces eternally off the wall of the echo chamber is that Capitalism is a curse. They believe this in spite of getting a weekly paycheck from a corporation. Nobody ever said the echo chamber had to make perfect sense or even any sense at all.

Believing Capitalism and corporations to be a curse, they feel free to ignore basic corporate rules such as not angering your customers, and its flip side of doing all possible to have happy customers.

There is also the long-known concept of staying out of religion and politics if you don’t want to have a bonfire in your living room, a bonfire that — if not brought under control — can burn your house down.

I imagine this WP staff meeting of Millennials in their echo chamber, and I know that apart from computer code they are clueless about running a business. How else to explain this inexplicable, and almost impossible to remove, rainbow flag on the editor?

Even your yokel plowing a peanut patch in fly-over country to sell at the market knows the basic premise of not angering any more of your customers than necessary. He wants to sell dem peanuts, after all.

He restricts his religious beliefs to church service on Sunday morning and his political beliefs to the voting booth. He knows better than to wave them in the faces of customers who just might think otherwise.

* * * *

FYI: I ‘m okay with legal unions for gays, but the marriage word should be kept out of it. Only men and women should “get married.” Call me old-fashioned. I do not mind. You may feel otherwise, and that’s okay.

I will not ban you for it.

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  1. At the same time everyone, it seems, has to now cloak themselves in the rainbow flag of gay pride, an important element of history has been desecrated: the flag of the Confederate States of America. Have you ever tried to discuss the real causes of the War for Southern Independence with those who’ve drank the Kool-Aid? They can’t see beyond the slavery issue, which was on life support more than anything. They can’t comprehend that there were other, more relevant issues at play.

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    1. Ms. Shoes: I think the Rebel battle flag has its place. However, especially these days, I think it should not be officially displayed by states, municipalities, etc. Gift shops, backs of pickup trucks next to the gun racks, on one’s living room wall, sure, if that floats your old-style boat. But government entities should avoid it. Things have gotten too heated, and even before they were heated. In most everyone’s mind, it’s a symbol of slave days and the love of them.

      Regardless of whatever other non-slavery issues — and there were some — of the day, the Rebel flag now simply smells bad.

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    2. Smart woman. You must have actually read a history book or two. The rainbow lights bouncing off the White House was appalling to me. In the meantime, the amazing Christian witness of the families of the shooting victims in Charleston is dismissed as a relic of slave culture, instead of how Christians model God’s undeserved grace.

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  2. I almost had to purchase a new TV set yesterday. I decided not to throw my stoneware coffee cup at the screen in frustration at seeing so much U.S. media coverage of such a boring subject, that of the court decision. Holy crap, all three networks and a few others decided that all they could fill the airwaves with are interviews, over and over, to such drivel. With all the happenings around the world, the atrocities in the Muslim (religion of peace) world, the economy, the Greece impact, on and on, all they can broadcast is either Bruce Jenner, the Confederate flag or gay marriage.

    Okay, if you’re gay, you are probably happy about the decision, but why devote hours upon hours of these topics when, for the most part, the majority of the populace could really not care of the sensationalism of those topics (as per several polls).

    Over the last few years, it seems that the mainstream media have eliminated any intelligent stories in favor of this kind of crap. Who cares about a 70-year-old who prostitutes himself on a weekly TV show, deciding to cut off his johnson and play mommy? I don’t.

    I am getting more and more frustrated on the indoctrination of special-interest propaganda being forced, like your WordPress, Google, Yahoo, et al, positions being forced down your gullet.

    The White House lighting up in rainbow colors? Huh? Talk about pandering to special interests. You would think that some of these organizations would try and remain somewhat neutral, not trying to piss people off, but as you say it’s a group of people that no longer have the ability to have open discussion or any reasonable debate. All these small notices eventually add up to making the lies become the new truth as history has shown before. Sad to see the sheeple drink so much Kool-Aid.

    But that’s just my opinion.

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    1. Don’t hold back, Tancho. How do you really feel? I am grateful to have missed all that. About the only TV we watch here at the Hacienda are movies and series via Netflix. It keeps us entertained, and our blood pressure down.

      The WordPress kiddies and their ilk, on the other hand, are another matter entirely.


  3. I told my children to get their passports ready, because what is coming now is a new Inquisition. You either agree, affirm and celebrate gay unions — without question or debate — or you will lose your business, your job, your children, and possibly even your liberty. The Church is facing the very real prospect of persecution in the USA — denial of tax-exempt status, limits on the expression of faith — and people of faith must not disagree with the government’s edicts or they face losing their ability to be employed, to be a public servant or to serve in the military. The barbarians have taken over the country — they are our masters — and it is just a matter of time now before we are completely overrun.

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  4. Now that gay marriage is legal, polygamy will soon follow as a legal state of marriage here in the USA, and the chief justice seems to agree with me based on his written comments. We already have it here in the good old USA, in the MN town I live in, where thousands of Somali refugees are living the good life and many are already practicing polygamy. It also occurs in some western states among Mormon groups. Soon we will hear a case before the court. The chief justice already laid the logic for with his comments. Does he foresee something?


    1. Just a passing thought…I wonder how proud the newly liberated gay couples will feel when Sharia Law takes over in a few decades from now?


  5. Gay folks are celebrating in Western countries while those in the Middle East are getting thrown off of towers and high buildings. Somewhere in the middle there must be a safe spot for them. I think it is called the closet.

    I suspect there are social gays and sexual gays. The social gays are there just for the party. They are the type of people that would go to a dog fight. The sexual gays are another thing. The sexual act between them is so repulsive, not many people are actually going to indulge in it.

    The mass of the electorate is getting sick of all of this foofoo lala. In the solitude of the voting booth they will exact their revenge.

    For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.


    1. Señor Gill: Clearly, if you’re gay and live in the Middle East, the closet is the best choice most of the time, but those days are behind us in the West, and I have no problem with their being out of the closet. Were I gay I would not want to be in a closet.

      Social gays and sexual gays? Never heard of that interpretation.

      Foofoo lala? I think you’ve coined a new phrase. It has panache.


      1. Nor do I have a problem with them living out of the closet. Just that there is more to life than their sex lives. What about the Greek default, the murders in Tunisia, the beheading in France, the explosion in the Shia mosque? If it wasn’t for the escaped convicts, CNN would be telling us about the gay people 24 hours a day. Twenty four hours of boredom.


        1. Señor Gill: You and Tancho, in his comment above, make me so happy that the only television I watch is Mexican Netflix. Movies and Gringo drama series.


  6. I see that today WP has pulled down its gay flag. Tumblr too, which had one on their website home page that appeared to be bigger than the Mexican banner that flies above Mexico City’s Zócalo.


  7. I saw the rise of homosexual power a long time ago. People laugh at the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe the account is allegorical, but it illustrates the power that gay culture produces, one of intolerance to anything that opposes their way of thinking. In the Biblical account the leaders of the cities were homosexual. They were forcing their way of life even on guests and strangers to the city. For this reason, the city was destroyed. The way that I see it, marriage is a foundation of society. When men (or women) destroy the foundations, the inevitable result will be the destabilization, decay and downfall of that society. Greece, anyone?

    Recently I attended a Broadway play in New York City. The end of the play had a surprise ending – a double wedding for two gay couples who deceived all the people around them that they were actually straight. The whole audience (or nearly) sprang to its feet in wild enthusiasm when one gay actor had a birthday kiss with his real-life lover who springs on the stage. I felt like a Jew in 1936 Germany. What nonsense! What kind of fever has taken hold of the minds and hearts of Americans?


    1. Laurie: Most gay guys are — except for the sexual preferences — normal, law-abiding citizens and good folks, in my opinion. But the gay thing has latched onto the PC parade in a big way. At its darker end are those who have intentionally, for instance, targeted Christian-owned bakeries to make a point and drive innocent people to financial ruin. It is ugly.

      One wonders how a couple of gay guys with a bakery would react to a skinhead couple requesting a wedding cake. Not too kindly, I contend. Appealing to the gay couple’s sense of fairness and equality would fall on deaf ears.


    1. Qué mundo indeed, Charles. I know you’re a fine fellow, but the militant, totally intolerant element of the gay “community,” the Gay Mafia who intentionally, for instance, targets Christian-owned businesses like bakers and wedding planners with the specific goal of suing and driving them out of business, plus other shenanigans, is doing you fellows no favors whatsoever due to the extensive press coverage. I promise that many people who were taking a live-and-let-live approach to homosexuality are finding it hard to maintain that good humor.


      1. Felipe: Your comments on the Rebel flag are about as PC as one can get. The stain of slavery on the Confederacy and their flag you stated causes the Rebel flag to “smell bad”. I submit that slaughtering thousands innocent babies each day and the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle has created a stench on our nations flag that is considerably worse.

        Your stand on homosexuality smacks of Political Correctness too. I’m guessing it’s because you mentioned that you have a sister and an aunt that are/were homosexuals. If I’m understanding your premise correctly…….female homosexuality is acceptable but male homosexuality is unacceptable. What say you Senor?


        1. Jeff: One smelly flag does not cancel out another. They can both have bad odors.

          Whatever one wants to think or say about the Confederate Battle Flag, it has only one primary association in the minds of most people who see it, and that’s why I think it should not be flown anymore by any government, state, county or city. That it is displayed by individuals or sold by private companies is another thing. Let ’em do it. Looks bad, but …

          And I am an old Georgia cracker from way back.

          As for homosexuality, since I am not Christian, I attach no “sin” to it. To me, it’s merely a sexual deviation, using deviation in the correct way, which means a deviation from the norm, and it is certainly that. Whatever anyone wants to do in bed with another person in private concerns me not a bit. I just do not care.

          The ballooning cultural chaos stemming from the PC, victimization phenomenon, of which the gay thing is a sizable element, along with the “oppressed” blacks and “warred upon” women, is another matter altogether. Now that does bother me big-time, as it should all people interested in a peaceful society.

          My late aunt was lesbian and my sister, who’s still kicking at 74, continues with the family tradition. My aunt was a pleasant person whom I liked very much. My sister is an angry, deranged, militant, feminist, firebrand who is impossible (for me at least) to even be around, sadly. My take on lesbians is the same as my take on gay guys. What they do in the sack is not my concern. Their sexual druthers I find neither acceptable nor unacceptable. I don’t care.


  8. Well Jeff…seeing as how I am both gay and pro-choice I guess contribute more than my fair share to the stench on the flag. I also think I should get some extra credit because I am an atheist and a socialist as well…

    I am ecstatic that I don’t share your narrow vision of the world…when you have time, look up the word empathy in your Funk & Wagnall’s…

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    1. Charles: Settle down now. Jeff did not address you personally, although I can see how it felt that way. We are in an area where rationality flies out the window. You will never convince him or anybody with similar convictions of your way of thinking. Nor vice versa. This, along with the famed politics and religion, cannot be argued.

      And with that, I think we’ve enjoyed enough comments on this topic.


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