A declining day

streetTHIS IS WHAT late Monday in my hardscrabble neighborhood looked like. It’s the first corner down from the Hacienda.

It’s not Beverly Hills.

Recently, when I got irritated by WordPress, I started looking for some blog alternatives only to discover there’s a reason that WP is the big cheese. The competition isn’t even in the running, at least the free options.

First, I considered returning to Blogger where I opined for years, but on checking that option out, I thought: Yuck! It hasn’t improved a lick.

I really don’t understand why people use it when it’s easy to jump to WordPress. Well, that’s not quite true. I do understand. It’s inertia.

So I will be staying here at WordPress. But during my investigation, I discovered that Tumblr, where I  opened an account years ago and saw nothing of interest, has developed some interesting options.

I have updated my account there, opened a blog with the name of Satellite Moon, and will be posting things there now and then, even though this will remain my main website, Moon No. 1.

At present, I have dropped a few of my favorites from the Pearls of Zapata there, and I’ve added a video and photo, which is what I likely will do more than anything, videos and photos, and Lord knows what else.

The internet is fun. It keeps me off the street and clear of a life of crime. I’m thinking of buying an iPad, for Pete’s sake.

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  1. You are going to keep us off the streets too with all the reading to be done between here and tumblr. I like your neighborhood; the Mexicaness of it. Makes me homesick. Oh, and you’ll want a keyboard for your iPad.


      1. After about 6 months of initially infuriating frustration with my iPad Mini (Retina display), I started to get the hang of it and have come to rely on it as well as enjoy using it.

        But, Felipe: you are aware that it’s a product of the hated Apple Empire?

        Don Cuevas


        1. Don Cuevas: Of course, it’s a product of the Devil’s Spawn, but if you want a tablet you’re mostly restricted to Android or Apple, and Android is the pits. Tablets that use Windows are rare. I believe I spotted one months back at Best Buy.


    1. Señor Cotton: I spotted the iPad at Coppel and found it rather fetching even though I agree that Apple is the Devil’s Spawn. I currently have a Samsung tablet, which is used by my wife 99 percent of the time. It’s her home computer. I just use it when we travel, which is not frequent. I absolutely detest Android. It’s a mess. I was playing with the iPad and found it sensible and far better organized than the Android horror.

      But, we’ll see.


  2. The internet is fun. It keeps me off the street and clear of a life of crime. I’m thinking of buying an iPad, for Pete’s sake.

    I have this image in my mind of you sitting in front of your computer in your watch cap and underwear with a bag of Cheetos in your lap reading your web roll, getting into a p***ing contest with the geeks at WP, and now “arming up” with an IPad and I think Felipe has gone to war! You are a hoot.


    1. Daniel: My wife thinks I’m a hoot too. But let’s look at a few of your items:

      1. The watch cap is worn only when it’s cold. It’s not cold right now. And my wife hates that watch cap. I don’t know why because I think I look neat in it.
      2. I never eat Cheetos.
      3. I lost the pissing contest with the WP geeks, but I don’t care. I made my point.
      4. Purchasing an iPad is still in the “maybe” column.
      5. I am sitting in front of my computer at this moment, of course. The big window above and just inches beyond the screen is giving me a look at the day, which is overcast, but not so much that I cannot see the mountains, and they is beautiful.

      Thanks for the positive feedback.


    2. Ooops, I overlooked the underwear. I never sit in my underwear. We’re at 7,200 feet ASL. It’s almost always too cool to sit in underwear. If I lived on the coast, I would sit in my underwear quite often, I imagine.


  3. i was injured and off work for six months and never touched my husbands iPad. I only used my Macbook pro. When my birthday rolled around, he presented me with my very own iPad. I love it, it is amazing. Out of my cold, dead hands …


  4. I don’t think you lost with WP. Their reaction indicates you hit a nerve and is typical for so many of the Millennial Grandees. Rather than engage with you they just try to shut you down. My youngest son was born in 1980 and considers himself a Millennial. If his old man tries to have a discussion similar to what got you censored and banned at WP he does exactly the same. Makes me wonder if I was that smug and closed-minded when I was in my 30s. I hope you keep firing at ’em!

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    1. I like your Mexican town. I think I am making a mistake by not living in a more Mexican environment, but we have made so many friends and have a nice church so I can’t bear to leave. I have traveled all my life and to finally find a place that seems like home simply amazes me.

      When my brother and I exchange subversive anti-establishment messages via Google, I get an error message that is signed #007. Seriously.


      1. Bonnie: My outlying neighborhood was a separate village for most of its life, but now it’s been swallowed up by the bigger burg next door, so we’re just a colonia now. But, due to our past, we have a big plaza with a church facing it. There is only one other Gringo house here, and it’s on its third owner. They come, they go. I stay put, however.

        As for that error message, certainly sounds weird. Perhaps a virus.


  5. If you are looking for a small, cheap computer for blogging and surfing the web you may want to consider a Chromebook. I paid $144 for mine and many models are less than $200


  6. I too am contemplating buying an iPad, so much easier to pack on the bike, instead of the laptop & case, which take up too much room.

    Just finished reading Willy Nelson’s new book “It’s a long Story, my life,” Really quite a good read. I would think it would be on Kindle.


  7. Though I went quite a while without posting to my own blog, I’ve found WP increasingly easy to use. Today I spent some time rearranging my layout, and it was much easier than it was the last time I tried the task.

    And I also have a blogger blog, though there’s nothing on it but gibberish. But I opened it simply to see what my Blogger friends were going through to manage their blogs.

    Let’s just say that it’s not pretty. Given the difficulty of use, and the many many unattractive templates available on Blogger, it’s amazing that there are so many still using it.

    But it’s as you say: inertia.


    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where there’s never a dull moment.


    1. Kim: As I’ve previously noted, there is a reason that WP is the Big Cheese. It’s really great, though I now don’t have a very good opinion of the young whippersnappers running the store. Looking back at Blogger, as I did a couple of days ago, just reinforced my observations of its lousy design and, as you note, crappy design templates.


      1. Felipe: I would have commented on your WP post, but the comments were closed. That said, I’d be surprised if the politics of the WP people was any different than the politics of any of the other people running big chunks of the Internet. Google, Amazon, Yahoo, the various hardware companies, you name it. They’re probably all pretty much on the same page vis-a-vis gay marriage, etc.

        You might have to go back to circulating pamphlets if they annoy you too much.



        1. Kim: I read a news story a few days ago to the effect that Silicone Valley was a major instigator of the gay marriage thing, so you are quite right.

          I closed the comments on the other post because it was showing signs of spinning out of control. I detected name-calling thundering down the highway and just over the next hill.

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