Barry’s raspberry


FOR A DAY or two after the Supreme Court’s rewriting of the U.S. Constitution so gay folks can get married, I saw this photo in passing as I scanned news stories. I naively assumed it was Photoshopped.

When I learned that Barry had actually done this, my head exploded. To call this outrageous is a massive understatement.

Gay marriage is extremely controversial. A large chunk of the U.S. population opposes it far more than I do, and most of that opposition is felt by Christians who consider it a slap in the face of God.

chuckleheadThe president is the president of all the people. The White House is the house of all the people. The hyper-partisan Barry, the antithesis of a president “of all the people,” does not get that.

For the millions of Americans who oppose gay marriage, you have received a raspberry from your president. He has stuck his finger in your eye on purpose. He is doing a victory jig around the White House, and he’s doing all these things intentionally. It’s the upraised middle finger.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Barry, for more reasons than just this, is the worse occupant of the White House in history.

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  1. No president ever before has wrought as much damage to personal wealth as Obama. And now he refers to the White House as “my house,” “my yard,” He needs to be told “You didn’t build that house, Barry. It’s not yours.”

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  2. But the younger generation adores him and his rainbow house. That should tell you something.


  3. No one can really be the president of “all the people” when the people are so divided, and there’s really no way not to take a stand on this. I thought it was amazing … if maybe a teeny bit pandering for someone who’s been for marriage equality for about five minutes.


    1. Lee: My reference is to the office of the presidency and that is for all the people. And you’re correct. It’s difficult to dodge a stance on the gay marriage thing.

      But the court had ruled. The deed was done, past tense.That Barry went ahead with this lighting event was a raspberry, 100 percent. It was incredibly bad form, partisan up the kazoo and childish to boot. I’ve read the idea came from Valerie Jarrett, his Svengali. He should have ignored her.

      And you’re also right that Barry switched teams on the gay marriage thing not all that long ago. Biden’s fumblings forced him into it.

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  4. Back in the 80’s, I was a member of band that was asked to play for a cabaret type show in a night club populated 100% by gay men. What I saw there made me very uncomfortable and frankly, a bit nauseated. I’m thinking that before long, someone is going to ask me to play for a gay wedding reception. The traditional things that a wedding band does at a reception, like the garter business, the bouquet toss, and the first dance, are not things that I’m going to want to be a part of if the couples are of the same sex. Like you, I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but I just don’t want to be a part of it. I’m pretty sure this is going to cause me some trouble because I do have gay friends in the music business. I never thought I would see this happen.


    1. Señor Bowman: Every straight person has an opinion on the gay thing. Sounds like yours is pretty much the same as mine. However, the real offense here is Barry’s reaction to the court ruling, and his reaction demeans the office. Fact is that he could have done — and likely would have — something similar with any highly divisive topic. He’s simply not a good guy and not fit for the office. Thank God, there are only about 17 months left till he’s sent packing.


  5. Here’s a very interesting video I ran into yesterday of Barry giving a talk to a convention of black pastors in 2007 before he was president. In it he tosses out the race card while talking in his best “Negro preacher” accent. He gives a “shout out” — his phrase — to his pastor, Jeremiah “Goddamn America!” Wright. This was over a year before the Barry campaign shoved the highly controversial Wright so far into the basement closet that he’s yet to emerge.


  6. Well of course your head exploded…too much of your loathed diversity in your face. But then again, you know how “we people” are…an ALL white house is just so blasé and boring.

    I’m already tired of all the hoopla, both positive and negative…life goes on…but for some us, the court’s ruling has made the journey a bit easier. Que tengas un buen fin!


    1. Charles: Have you not had your coffee this morning? I do not “loathe” diversity at all, so talk correctly.

      As I have stated hereabouts repeatedly over the years, promoting diversity and multiculturalism will almost always end badly. We are seeing this big-time in the United States right now.

      When a nation finds itself with lots of different cultures, religions, languages within its borders, it is a problem to be faced in as kindly and intelligent a manner as possible. It is not to be promoted, much less put on a pedestal and praised, à la the U.S. And why is that? World history is full of examples of multicultural societies awash in violence and ill will. It is the norm, not the exception.

      Peaceful nations are monocultural, not multicultural, almost all of the time. And all the trendy notions to the contrary do not change that fact. It is human nature.


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