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WHAT’S BETTER than cool air and ice cream? Hot air and ice cream, of course. But we don’t have that hereabouts, and in 98 percent of circumstances, the cool air is preferable.

Most afternoons, after we’ve done lunch at 2 p.m. at the Hacienda, I head downtown just to get out of the house, sit at a sidewalk table, enjoy a nice espresso and watch the girls go by.

After the espresso and ogling, I sometimes stand up to walk to another side of our broad and beautiful plaza — to purchase ice cream, for which we are famous. There are a number of ice cream stands over there outside City Hall, and they’ve been in business for decades or more.

There, in the photo, is my favorite stand, La Pacanda. Like all the ice cream stands, it sells two styles: milk and water. The milk version, which is closer to standard ice cream, I find a bit unpleasant. It has, to my tongue, an oily consistency. So I always order the water style.

Sometimes I vary, but being a fellow set quite firmly in his ways, I normally order limón, which is a dead ringer for the lemon ices I used to buy many years ago at Angelo Brocato’s in New Orleans.

I get the small cup, 12 pesos, and then I cross the street and do one of two things, sometimes both. I slowly circle the plaza, or I sit on a stone bench, listening to the music softly playing through outdoor speakers.

Then I go home.

* * * *

Unrelated material: A few days back, after getting irked at WordPress, I started a blog on Tumblr, thinking perhaps I would abandon this WP Land, high-tail it. I linked to the Tumblr then, even though it was mostly a casual endeavor. I have since decided to stay put here, but I like it over there too. I have gussied it up considerably, and will run with it.

It will be lighter in tone, and it will have no political polemics. It has a new name, Satellite Moon. Tumblr surprised me. It’s well organized. There are lots of free blog templates and even the ones with price tags are reasonable. I bought one for $19. It absolutely beats the pants off Blogger.

20 thoughts on “Ice cream stand

  1. Re the ice cream, I’ve never tried it on the plaza, being somewhat suspicious of what it might taste like. For sure, I wouldn’t like an oily taste in my mouth. I remember having ground meat back in the mid-90s, in Belize before the big expat wave began there, that had to have been 50% fat. The burgers I made and we ate left my mouth coated with congealed fat. I never want to repeat that occurrence from any comestible. Since that time they’ve graduated to ground steak which is much more palatable and certainly less fat. I’ll stick to the cappuccino tres leches when they have it at La Surtidora while in Patz.


    1. Carole: 50 percent fat burgers? Yipes. As for the cappuccino tres leches at La Surtidora, I’ve never had one. Perhaps I should. Thanks for that tip.


    1. Ms. Shoes: I’ve always been surprised at the similarity between the lemon ice here and those at Brocato’s in New Orleans. Finding them here was one of the many pleasures of landing in this part of the world. The shrimp cocktails on the Plaza Chica are another. I dodged them for about the first eight years I lived here. Then my sister-in-law took me to one of the stands, and I’ve been a regular ever since.

      By empanadas de atún, I’m guessing your referring to my wife’s tasty merchandise. We call them pies, but other folks call them empanadas too.


        1. Ms. Shoes: All of my bride’s merchandise is above average, far above, and it will be available next Saturday, as most Saturdays, there on the big plaza. Yum!

          Pine nut ice cream? Never seen that one.


  2. I think mango would be my favorite de agua. And as always, I love enlarging your photos and studying the detail. I still haven’t been over to Tumblr. Maybe this weekend.


    1. Angeline: I’ve tried the mango a time or two, but I always go back to limón. I’m nuts for the limón. And yes, the photos can be more interesting blown up.


    1. Daniel: Thanks. I’m about to put something new on there. I will keep the posts shorter, lighter in tone, nonpolitical, and will include photos on occasion of me and my wife, and God knows what else.


    1. Señor Gill: All manner of stuff is cheaper down here, just one of the many reasons to live here, not there. I feel your pain. Bring the kiddies down, and I’ll buy ice cream for everybody.


  3. It’s always good to be nostalgic on the 4th of July for Italian ice, snow cones, slushies or whatever you call shaved ice in Mexico. Hot it’s not due to the daily rain which arrived early this year.


  4. About three years ago , one of the plaza vendors expanded their domain. They set up a satellite station off the side of the road up the hill on the way to our house. It made it too easy to pull off the side of the road and buy a half liter of one of their flavors, sometimes two flavors. What they do with their berry ices is incredible. The milk ones, depending on the flavor, are pretty good too, my favorite is the chocolate.

    Sadly, the price keeps creeping up and up, a peso or two. I noticed last DOD holiday the pricing on the cups at the plaza had risen due to the tourist throngs and then down again after the crowds had receded. Capitalism at is best.


    1. Tancho: I know some hotels raise prices for the Day of the Dead. Didn’t know the ice cream vendors did it too. Capitalism indeed. The locals are quick to grasp raising prices with high demand. What they are far less willing to do is lower prices when faced with falling demand. That part of the equation eludes and pains them.

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  5. Making vanilla ice cream, shrimp Creole, elote on the cob, and apple pie! Happy July 4, 2015 all you Fourthers.


    1. Jeez, Carole, bring some down for me. There’s no Fourth holiday here, of course, but that sounds real tasty. I had a gyros and a big, fish taco for lunch today, and it was darn good.


  6. I’d love to have a good cannoli (vis a vis Angelo Brocato). Most of those we get Back East NOB are inferior. And in some “Italian” restaurants, they decorate the plate with swirls of chocolate syrup, which is all wrong.

    Don Cuevas


    1. Don Cuevas, I never was much of a cannoli fan, but I did like that lemon ice, and I still can get it here. Just one of the many beauties of Central Mexican Life.


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