I’m in love

WERE I NOT already gleefully married, were I not old enough to be her grandfather, were I not living in a foreign land, I would immediately run to this young woman and ask for her hand in Holy Matrimony.

Tomi Lahren is not only strikingly lovely, but she is incredibly smart and sharp. Yes, I am in love, totally smitten.

I feel the vapors coming on.

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  1. So what’s her point? She slams a bunch of liberal political viewpoints as her opener. Fine. I’m perfectly happy to have people discuss the merits of policy, either actual or proposed, though none of her targets have anything to do with Islamic terrorism.

    But in her clip, the only thing that comes close to a policy recommendation is to have B-1 bombers flying over the United States, presumably to drop bombs with pinpoint accuracy on Islamic terrorists here in the USA. Is this even technically possible? It’s certainly not working even in places like Pakistan, where plenty of innocents are killed along with the presumed guilty. Would Americans be OK with the idea that the US military could bomb any place in the USA at will? Do we really want drones flying around here assassinating people?

    To me, this is another example of right-wing outrage without any real point or policy to deal with the problem. Yeah, it’s “cool” to blame Obama, but there’s no substance behind either the blame, or any solutions to the problem.

    Dream on, my friend. If some Republican gets elected President, this Islamic terrorism isn’t going to stop on a dime.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think the Islamic community has fallen *FAR* short of appropriately distancing themselves from the terrorists.


        1. Ah, Kim, what is to be done with you people? The video of her commentary went nuts on YouTube. She’s been on other television programs due to it. She’s become a celebrity, and it’s not because people were scratching their heads, thinking, “what is her point? I just do not understand what she’s getting at.”

          Well, I understand perfectly, and so do millions of others — yes, literally — who do not have Obama Dust in their eyes.

          Here, let’s see if I can clarify it for you: All the trendy, collectivist issues of Barry and his starstruck followers, stuff like racism, gay marriage, climate change, rape culture, etc., the stuff that gets all the attention due to most of the media being Barry cheerleaders, pale before the ape in the room, Islamic terrorism, the primary important issue of the day.

          Where is leadership where it matters? the young woman is asking. And indeed, many other people wonder it too. Well, we don’t really wonder because we know who and what Barry is.

          We yokels in fly-over country understood her point perfectly.


          1. I think she (and you) imagine that the Islamic Terrorist problem is somehow easier to solve than it really is. That’s why neither she nor you have any concrete proposals to deal with it.

            I understand that people are upset about Islamic Terrorism; I am too. But I don’t think repealing the first amendment is the answer. And I don’t think having the military dropping bombs on America is the answer either.

            What I do think would go a long ways toward helping the problem is what’s currently unthinkable in American politics: force the Israelis to implement a two-state solution with the Palestinians. Yet you can bet your last dollar that there’s no mainstream Republican/Conservative or Democrat/Liberal who would implement such a policy. And it’s interesting that your Ms Lahren doesn’t suggest it.

            I get that she’s popular for channeling popular rage. But that’s not really constructive. And suggesting that if no progress had been made on various social issues, we’d be farther ahead on the Islamic Terrorist front is simply ridiculous. There’s ZERO evidence that gay marriage or any of the other issues she’s unhappy with has in any way impeded progress on dealing with Islamic Terrorism.

            One should also note the mostly ignored fact that more Americans die at the hands of other non-religiously motivated Americans armed with guns, than have ever died from Islamic Terrorism. Where’s the outrage about that? It’s a much more logistically tractable problem, yet as a society we REFUSE to deal with it.

            That’s why I think that video is ridiculous. And that’s why I’m so sick of such stuff. We don’t need rant; we need *REAL* proposals for policies to deal with these problems. And pretending that rant is somehow helpful just makes things worse.


  2. She did put her finger on the public pulse. What we can do is limit immigration from Muslim countries until the world of Islam reforms itself. We cannot do much about the barbaric actions of certain Islamic movements, but it is up to the Muslims themselves to promote a reformation.
    Unfortunately, it seems as if they are more interested in killing those of other sects than in seeking peace. The people of the Middle East finally have what they always wanted, a chance to kill each other. And, it seems as if they are doing a pretty good job of it now.
    When the Sunni and the Shia go at it, I am afraid it will go nuclear.
    Please deal us out of this.


    1. Señor Gill: Due to bowing before the holy Pedestal of Multiculturalism, much of Europe has already put a pistol to its head and is, at this very moment, pulling the trigger. Repeatedly.


    1. Patzman: You mean that, unlike Kim, you do see her point? Of course you do.

      As for seeing her complete show, I recall that she lives in Southern California too. I’d never heard of her before. She’s impressive.


        1. Patzman: I predict a bright future for her. Lordy, she’s only 22! Fox should hire her. She’s got all the qualifications. She brilliant, beautiful and blonde. Perfect.


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