Folks on the street


THIS WOMAN sells something or other on our downtown streets. What makes her notable is that she walks barefoot year-round, and it gets dadgummed cold here in the winter.

She does it because she wants to, not because she has to.


This fellow’s legs do not work right, so he gets about with this tricycle contraption. The pedals are up top and hand-driven, not down bottom where one normally finds pedals.

Note the crutches behind him and his sombrero. What’s particularly notable is that he’s always in a great mood. A smile helps when you’re asking for spare change, which is what he does.

If you want to see his nice smile, you’ll have to go here, which is a shameless come-on like you’d find outside a Bourbon Street strip joint or the flap of a circus tent where the bearded woman waits inside.

9 thoughts on “Folks on the street

    1. Here’s a tidbit of interest: In English we always say black and white, never white and black. However, in Spanish it’s just the opposite, they say white and black, but in Spanish, of course. Odd how these things occur. Well, to me at least.


  1. The most important piece of equipment is the eye of the operator. And you have a great one. The shots make me want to bring my dirty Escape up your mountain.


    1. Señor Cotton: The surprising thing is not that I have a good eye, and I do, it’s that so many others lack it. Photos with miles of vacant sky above or other such space wasters. It never fails to amaze me. And let’s not overlook those vacation pics people bring back, thousands of them often with minuscule changes from one to the next. Hubby sitting on the park bench looking this way. Then hubby sitting on the same bench with his head turned an inch in this direction, then an inch more, then an inch more, all proudly displayed and sent to everyone possible.

      It always leaves me gape-jawed.

      And sure, come on up the cool mountainside, clean car or not.


  2. Also enjoying The Satellite Moon. Unfortunately you cannot comment there unless you join.


    1. Hi, Larry. Sure you can leave comments without joining Tumblr. You did so over there a few weeks ago. Remember? It uses the Disqus comment system, but it’s optional for the blog owner. I added it at the get-go, but for some reason it had disconnected. Thanks for bringing the problem to my attention. I have corrected it.

      The Satellite Moon is here:


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